When people get the new yet high-quality boiler or air conditioning system, they don’t notice whether it is winter or summer because they are happy enough to have something at home that keeps them cozy and cold enough in every season.  

If you’re thinking of buying a brand new central heating boiler, there are many things to consider to make sure you get the right out of your big investment.

Boiler installation could be problematic and pricey. Therefore, it is essential that you have all the required information before any judgments are made about purchasing the new boiler, and with any hard luck, you didn’t hire any professional to install it properly, then sooner or later, it will breakdown, and Corgi HomePlan Boiler Cover is the only thing that can save you big bucks. So apart from getting boiler coverage, you should be aware of the important things to consider before buying your new boiler:Right

1. Size for Your House

Central heating boiler size is primarily based on the heating system and hot water features of the particular boiler and the body size of the boiler. Different central heating boilers have different functionality levels, and that means you have to make sure that you buy a boiler that will effectively deal with the requirements for high temperatures and hot water.

Overworking of a central heating boiler which is not big enough for your house could be risky for the boiler and reduce its life expectancy, while a boiler which is too big can cost you more than you could afford.

The particular size of the central heating boiler you require will primarily depend on how many radiators and bathrooms you have, and how many people are there in your house. This is actually something the heating engineer will help you with.

2. Boiler Expert Should Be Gas Safe Certified

Make sure that the selected installation technician is Gas Safe certified. Provided that you choose a trustworthy and reliable heating system engineer with positive reviews, they will be an incredibly helpful source of advice and information when choosing a new boiler.

They will also make sure that the system conforms with current building rules, and can provide you with all the paperwork to prove this. When choosing the right boiler for your house, you will have a system in place which is less difficult to use and will be more affordable to run.

3. Opt for A Well-Performing Boiler with A Reliable Brand

Quite simply, the cheaper and reliable your new central heating boiler is, the less unexpected expenses you are likely to fork-out on costly maintenance.

Research before you buy and ask about the experiences of boiler users with specific boiler brands so you have a proper understanding of which brand you should buy. Never risk being left struggling with freezing cold homes or cold showers by buying the least expensive boiler, the question why they are so cheap even in a winter season, the answer is they are mostly lower quality systems with lower manufacturing standards.

4. Benefits of New Boiler    

If your central heating boiler is an old model, approximately over fifteen years old, then replacing it with the new gas-condensing boiler can help you save money on the electricity bill. The heating system is liable for about 60% of what you pay in a year on energy bills. Therefore getting a new one is very important. All new central heating boilers tend to be condensing that means they come with a big heat exchanger to extract extra heat from the hot gases.


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