Police in Stockport have increased stop and search powers and are appealing for witnesses following two separate incidents in Woodley last night.

Police were called to two separate incidents a short distance apart in Woodley, which resulted in injuries to two boys aged 15 and 16 along with a 22-year-old man. One of the boys and the man received suspected knife wounds.

The first incident took place on Hyde Road Woodley around 11pm when the 22-year-old man left the Woodley Arms on Hyde Road and was confronted by a group of youths. After a verbal altercation the man was assaulted and suffered an injury to his thigh, believed to have been caused by a knife.

Soon afterwards at approximately,two teenage boys who had been at a house party on Pine Street, Woodley, left the address and were set upon by a group of youths.

The 15-year-old received a leg injury suspected to have been caused by a knife and a 16-year-old old was struck with an unknown object – possibly a baseball bat – causing an injury to his head.

In both incidents, it was reported that around 10 to 15 males, all wearing balaclavas and dark clothing, were involved. These males made off from both incidents, with some on foot and others riding bicycles.

No suspects have yet been identified and officers are therefore now appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Increased stop and search powers can be implemented in areas where either serious violence has occurred or police believe serious violence is about to occur and gives officers the power to stop and search anyone in a designated location, looking for offensive weapons or bladed articles. These powers will now be in place overnight in Woodley.

Superintendent Mark Kenny said: “The assaults last night were very serious and could have resulted in even more serious consequences and identifying those responsible is a priority for Greater Manchester Police. Thankfully, none of them suffered serious injuries but as we all know, knife crime can have devastating consequences and I would urge anyone within the community who has information regarding the offences last night, or suspects someone is carrying a weapon or is involved in criminal behaviour, to report it.

“An investigation is on-going and we’re following up a number of lines of enquiry whilst additional officers patrol the area in support of the increased stop and search powers and to offer some reassure to those nearby. Knife crime and serious violence is one of GMP’s priorities and we will continue to work with our partner agencies on a daily basis to keep communities in Stockport safe.

“I would also like to directly appeal to those carrying weapons to surrender them in our Forever Amnesty bins which are located at 12 police stations across Greater Manchester. There will be no questions asked and it could potentially save lives.”


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