The Football League has handed Bury FC owner Steve Dale a 9am deadline today to provide the outstanding evidence that the club is able to pay its creditors or this weekend’s home fixture against Gillingham will be suspended.

The club have yet to play a fixture this season and face being thrown out of the league on the 23rd August.

Meanwhile senior staff at the club are urging Chairman Steve Dale to sell up

In a statement issued yesterday they confirmed that they have received an offer for the sale of Bury Football Club, one that they all believe is a very good offer.

“This offer has been conveyed to Steve Dale and we are still waiting to hear from him.” adding

“This offer is the only lifeline for the future of the Club and we implore Steve Dale to accept it, as it has the full backing of all of the senior staff at Bury FC.”

EFL Executive Chair, Debbie Jevans CBE, said: “We remain disappointed that we are still not in a position to reach a successful conclusion with Mr Dale but will continue to work diligently in an effort to receive the information we require.

“The real threat of Bury’s EFL membership being withdrawn still exists, a situation nobody – including this Board – wants to see and I sincerely hope we can find a way through these challenging circumstances for the benefit of all those who have an association with the Club.”




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