Always Mysteries of the Tongue, a new exhibition from Manchester-based multidisciplinary artist Aliyah Hussain opens today at Home.

This new series of ceramics, drawings, collages and prints explores the complexities of communication and miscommunication. Borrowing from a wide range of contemporary, historical and futuristic sources, the work explores different ways of depicting and constructing language.

Drawing inspiration from various visual sources such as emojis, hieroglyphs, graffiti tags, coding, neon signs and inspirational wall decals, the work is also influenced by active networks of ‘conlangers’ working to invent new methods of communication and sharing them online.

Using three different science fiction texts as a reference from which to remix elements of speculative storytelling, Always Mysteries of the Tongue is presented across two fictional time periods set in a future far from now.

The project centres on the use and misuse of pictorial language forms, firstly as a presentation of utopian ideals, and secondly in a post-utopian setting where the imagery is taken out of context and rendered into decorative abstract forms, using repetition, speculation and collage.

The exhibition  runs until 15th September


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