Local residents in Rusholme are transforming their backyards into an art exhibit for visitors to wonder round and ponder over, for one special day this weekend.

The things that get thrown out at the end of student tenancies are being organised and used as art objects, before they are collected in by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) for recycling.

Houses whose yards back on to the alley are getting involved by either offering the use of their yard as a host site or creating an idea independently.

Funding for this event has been secured through a Manchester City Council cash grant, in a bid to contribute to the efforts of residents to make the Houses in Multiple Occupation-heavy neighbourhood friendly, clean and safe.

Help is at hand from organiser, Jackie Haynes, MA Textiles student at MMU, long- standing resident of St. Ives Rd and owner of House of Haynes Fancy Dress Hire.

The exhibition asks which is a more absurd situation? Coming to see an art exhibition made from discarded goods thrown out every year at the end of student tenancies or the indiscriminate waste, the obsession with buying new ‘disposable’ goods or the constant need to relocate due to landlords’ inflated rental prices?

Alleys in Wonderland
Sunday June 15th 1-5pm
Location: Participating backyards off the RHS award-winning
greened alley between St. Ives Rd and Ealing Avenue, off Platt Lane, Rusholme Manchester, M14 5NH
Free event: everyone welcome.
Refreshments provided at the Mad Hatters Tea Party in the alley


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