MANCHESTER, UK. JUNE 7TH Steve Worrall (Red) leads Drew Kemp (White), Charles Wright (Blue) and Jake Allen (Yellow) during the SGB Premiership match between Belle Vue Aces and Ipswich Witches at the National Speedway Stadium, Manchester on Monday 7th June 2021. (Credit: Ian Charles | MI News)

CHARLES Wright was just one point away from his first paid maximum as a Belle Vue rider after the BikeRight Aces recorded a comfortable 55-35 win over Ipswich to remain unbeaten at top of the table.

It was a dream start for the home heroes with Brady Kurtz and Richie Worrall teaming up to bang in a first heat 5-1 over Drew Kemp and guesting Ipswich No.1 Craig Cook.

There was little the visitors could do to reign in the powerful performance of the BikeRight Aces, as they gradually increased their advantage from one heat to the next.

A tweak in the riding order from team boss Mark Lemon paid dividends for the bigger picture, with Wright, at No.4, now teaming up with Aces skipper Steve Worrall, at No.3.

The pair proved to be quite a duo for the TruPlant Witches to contend with, and the momentum carried by the entire team overwhelmed their opponents.

Wright said: “Tonight felt like a fresh start for me. I’ve been struggling with such a lack of power in my engines, but we’ve managed to work through that, and I felt really fast.

“This was a big result for us, probably the biggest win we’ve had all year so far, so we just need to keep this going, but I’m confident that’s something we will be able to do.

“Ipswich kept the pressure on us from start to finish but again, the spirit within this team is so strong and we were confident we could finish the job; it’s just great to be part of a team like this.

“I don’t feel that the switch to No.4 made much of a difference. You still have to race against the same guys, and I rode as a heat leader for Peterborough in 2019 so nothing like that fazes me.

“The difference between tonight [June 7] and my last meeting here is massive. I’ve now got the speed I was lacking and there’s still a lot more to come from me.”
Words: Hayley Bromley
Images: Ian Charles

Belle Vue return to the National Speedway Stadium on June 21 for another local showdown with the Sheffield Tigers. Details regarding ticket sales for this meeting will be communicated very soon.


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