Manchester Cathedral celebrates Heritage Open Day this Saturday, 12 September, with a full programme of exciting events: a dramatic performance of ‘Joshua Brookes and the Missing Grooms’, a rare display of three original Royal Charters, and a fascinating insight into myth-making in medieval Manchester. 

All events and admission to the Cathedral is FREE.

 Travel back in time to medieval Manchester with doctoral student Grace Timperley, discover the stories hidden in the magnificent fabric of the building and hear about the making of a medieval legend.

 Step through the doors of the Chapter House and get behind the scenes to the beautiful Cathedral Library. On this special occasion the Library is open to the public for a viewing of the original Royal Charters granted by King Henry V, Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles 1, alongside other historic documents released from the archives. The charters are displayed together for the very first time.

 Take your seat in the medieval quire and witness the outrageous chaplain Joshua Brookes’s attempts to cope with reluctant bridegrooms and the huge demand for multiple weddings, as the population of Manchester booms during the Industrial Revolution.

 The Cathedral’s team of Welcomers and Guides will be on duty all day to answer questions and assist visitors.

Programme timings as follows:

11.00 am Myth and Legend in Medieval Manchester (talk) in the Regiment Chapel

12 noon until 4.00 pm By Royal Charter (exhibitions) in the Chapter House and Library

12.30 pm and 1.30 pm Joshua Brookes and the Missing Grooms (drama) in the quire


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