A Manchester based brand and design agency has undergone a huge website revamp to coincide with its new office launch in Lisbon.

Having began his journey in late 2017,  founder and Creative Director of Stand Out Studio, George James Deeb built the company from the ground up, and wants to prove to brands of all shapes and sizes that they don’t have to settle for the mundane when it comes to showcasing themselves to the world. Now, just over 12 months later, Stand Out Studio is making international steps with this unique offering.

What makes Stand Out different is that they offer less, not more. Where some agencies will offer everything from marketing, social media, consultancy, graphic design and many other specialist services, Stand Out keep it simple by offering one service – branding.

By streamlining its process to one main attribute, it allows the team to retain the best expertise in their field as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. With George living and breathing branding throughout his career, his wealth of experience gives him a senior offering that few other design agencies can match. It’s this approach that led him to branch out overseas and help other brands build their reputation with a Stand Out experience.

Stand Out Studio is on a mission to show the world that it is much more than just a design agency, with the concepts behind its branding process reaching far beyond just graphic design. The team behind the name are specialists in showing brands how to literally stand out by working as a holistic system, which means they work by analysing and dissecting brands and diagnosing issue rather than simply providing a blanket fix. Although not simply ones to identify problems Stand Out gives brands the tools to nurture and grow their reputation with a simple and effective service as well as ongoing brand management to help them stay on track and grow.

Working with a number of big name brands across various different sectors, Stand Out prides itself on showing companies of any size how to build and communicate their proposition to their desired audience.

The agency’s method of diagnosing the business need before prescribing a branding solution means that established brands as well as small companies can benefit from Stand Out’s services – and now demand has led to them opening a new office above the Time Out Food Market in Lisbon, Portugal. The success and expansion has led to them looking into other options to push themselves further as an agency, including but not limited to building bespoke brand app based management tools to help companies streamline the process.

George has recently appointed Romy Lazzara, who after launching her working on the run up to and during the FIFA World Cup 2010 with Sony, went on to pursue a career in London where she worked in client services with some of the biggest agencies and brands in the business, including Stella Artois, Corona, Bacardi, Grey Goose and Coca-Cola to name a few. She now joins the Stand Out team head up the new Lisbon Studio and also serve as the group’s Business Director.

George states “We essentially provide brands with a comprehensive tool-kit on how to build and maintain themselves. We’re different to other agencies in the fact that we’re not out to send companies off with a shiny, new logo and leave them to fend for themselves – building a brand is about so much more than that to us.”

“A lot of our clients at the moment are SME’s that are looking to grow but who essentially have never had the time or resource to spend on building their brand guidelines before, ensuring everything across their network is streamlined. We give them the tools to do this, and it means we keep growing with them.  Having said that, bigger companies who often have dedicated brand managers don’t always have the time to focus on all marketing and brand activity which can mean the larger brands can also often lose key messages that they may have wanted to push out from day one. Our aim is to come in with a strategy that helps all elements of the brand marry up.”

George continues “We’re seeing so many companies coming to us with the same issues so often, and just no clue on where to start when it comes to branding. Eventually, we want to move into consultancy so we can hold workshops for businesses of all sizes to benefit from how to build their brands.”

For more information on Stand Out Studio and their services, please visit https://standout.studio/


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