Having to manage factory space is likely one of the toughest initial challenges you’ll have to face as a business owner, as it has the potential to enrich or hinder nearly every manufacturing process. 

Every factory is bound to have its own needs, many of which will be decided by the nature of the product, or the geographical location of the premises. 

This is just one of the many reasons why customizable solutions are so important. From health and safety protocols to the ideal equipment setup, here are some details to help you make the most out of what space you have. 

Conduct an Audit

Before you start setting up your equipment, conducting a thorough assessment of the space you have is essential. 

It can help you get an understanding of the measurements you have to work with and how your machines will fit into the space. 

It is worth asking yourself some important questions as you assess the workspace, such as: 

  • Will my employees be able to easily maneuver themselves around the factory? 
  • How will I transport goods around the facility? It is vital to note that a customizable conveyor belt system can be the ideal addition to your infrastructure in this regard – just check out Fluent Conveyors for a prime example. 
  • Have I got adequate access to electric outlets, and is the facility receiving the right level of power?
  • Is there enough space for storage? 
  • What is the total size of my facility in square feet? 

It might seem like overkill, but as your business grows and your needs as a company change, being able to rely on the solid foundations of a well-organized infrastructure can give you a huge advantage. 

Utilize Vertical Space 

If you can’t branch out, branch up! Vertical storage space is a common sight in manufacturing, but just make sure you keep your employees free of any danger from falling objects. 

Turn to AR (Augmented Reality) 

Many architects and interior designers use AR and VR to get the job done, as it lets them clearly visualize their efforts long before they start to make any real-world changes. You may want to consider doing the same for your factory planning endeavors.

Outsource Certain Processes

If you do not have the room to make way for certain processes, why not consider outsourcing them? Many manufacturing companies outsource a few of their processes, as it saves them time, space, and money.

Invest in External Storage 

You may not necessarily need to buy permanent storage away from your facility, but you could always consider renting out some extra space when you know you’re going to need it. Admittedly, this may not be the most practical of solutions, but if you need the extra room to take on a bigger project, renting might be a cost-effective idea. 

Keep Your Eye Out

As your working day starts to take shape and your processes get underway, be sure to keep an eye out on how your space is being utilized, as you never know, you may discover a better way to maximize your facility’s room over time. 


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