‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ is a fascinating collection, featuring previously unseen photos of Salford, Eccles and Manchester from the 1960s and 70s, taken by photographer George Shepherd, who grew up in Lincoln Street in Eccles.

The exhibition captures local people both at work and during their leisure time. Many of the workplaces in the images are no longer there, such as Protector Lamp & Lighting Company and The Metal Box Company.

George’s daughter, Angie Shepherd came across a carrier bag of her father’s negatives – which had been hidden away for 55 years – and wanted to get them printed.

Angie and George were at Eccles Community Gallery when they were introduced to Forever Manchester’s Community Builder, Lisa Brown through the gallery’s Elaine McCann. Forever Manchester have been funding and supporting the gallery for several years, which has been a real hub within the Eccles community.

Lisa connected George and Angie with photographer David Hunter – who she’d met at the gallery during his ‘Seven Months in 79’ exhibition – and knew he was the perfect person to get involved in this project. With true community spirit and wonderful generosity, David printed all of George’s negatives in his own studio. Lisa then invited them to apply for a Forever Manchester Cash4Graft award which enabled the exhibition to take place, as she explains:

“When you spend dedicated time in a community it’s always so rewarding when you are approached with a specific request knowing Forever Manchester can help. Connecting people around shared interests are the key ingredients to a strong, thriving and vibrant community. This project is a perfect example of how our community building works and it is a fantastic legacy for the future of the area.”

Together with Elaine at Eccles Community Gallery, well known local historian and writer Tony Flynn also helped pull this exhibition together. Tony was one of the first to have a sneak peak of the photographs:

“It’s no exaggeration to say that George’s photos are an important social document that has skilfully captured the way we used to live and play, and is a great visual record for all times. I swear if Morrissey had seen the fairground photos taken by George, they would be gracing The Smiths album covers! I strongly advise you to call in at the gallery and who knows who you may spot in the exhibition!”

A Trip Down Memory Lane opens to the public from Saturday 11 May 2019 to Saturday 1 June.

Forever Manchester is proud to be supporting a new photographic exhibition at Eccles Community Gallery.


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