St John’s Sunshine, a community solar co-op based in Old Trafford, is asking people in Old Trafford, and beyond, to help them generate more community energy by supporting their project in the national M&S Energy Community Energy Fund vote.
St John’s Sunshine has been successfully shortlisted for the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund. Over 240 projects applied to the competition and the company has shortlisted 136 projects for a number of £12,500 regional grants and two national grants worth up to £40,000.
M&S Energy is now inviting members of the public to decide which of the projects most deserves funding and St John’s Sunshine is asking people to vote for their project for more solar PV panels to help create a ‘solar kitchen’ in the St John’s Centre. 

People can vote for St John’s Sunshine on the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund website until 30th September. To vote for the St John’s Sunshine project go to

Rev John Hughes, one of the St John’s Sunshine directors, said “This is a great opportunity for the local community to help us generate even more community energy. As well as solar power we also need people power!”


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