When planning a games room, the great thing is that there’s plenty of choices when it comes to what you should include and what you need. Unfortunately, this also means you’re spoilt for choice, and it’s very easy to become distracted when it comes to items and furnishing for your very own games room! 

To narrow it down, here are seven must-haves.

Wall Art

A games room should be a whole experience, which means bare walls just won’t cut it! Use wall art to best express your favourite gaming quotes, gaming memorabilia or words of wisdom you’d like to see inspire you while you’re spending time in the room. Some fun wall art ideas include neon or lit wall art to add a little extra to the room.

The Right Tech

No games room is complete without the right technology to back it up. It’s always better to save up a bit more and buy the optimum quality you need to play your games best. The right tech should include:

    • The right sized screen 
    • The right console or PC unit 
    • The best speakers or headphones 
    • Ergonomic items, like a supportive keyboard or mouse

Classic Games 

To get the best out of everything when it comes to your gaming passion, be sure to think of all varieties of games. This could be pool tables, retro arcade machines or air hockey tables, alongside more modern video games. There’s a great selection with suppliers like Home Leisure Direct at homeleisuredirect.com.

Customisable Lighting

You want to be able to set the right mood in your games room and have it complement the kinds of games you’re playing, so customisable lighting is a must. Being able to adjust the brightness settings and the colour means you can fully customise your games room in a better way.

The Right Amount of Space

You want to be sure you have as much space as you need to play all your games comfortably, as well as room to move around and add additional features when required. If your chosen room feels a little too snug, think about space-saving items or furniture changes you can install to make extra room for yourself.


This might not always be necessary, but it’s a good idea if you’re planning on a loud games room, such as classic arcade games like a pinball that may make a lot of noise, or even if you’re not a fan of headphones and prefer to play video games through your speaker system. Soundproofing means you can enjoy everything, at any time of day, without worrying about being a disturbance.

The Best Seating

Whether you want to chill out in your games room on a sofa, sit at your gaming station in a chair or even prop up on a stool while playing an arcade game, comfortable seating is a must. Be sure to invest more in something that supports you and which can stand your sitting for long periods. 


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