Have you ever thought about your ideal holiday? A place where we can relax and escape from routine but feeling at home at the same time, with no hurry  to reach the next destination enjoying every ladnscape during the journey… Sounds about right? Well, this is what campervan holidays offers you.and this is why this summer, both experienced campers and newbies, have shown a keen interest on private campervan hire Manchester. Actually, Manchester is on the top 5 British cities where more travelers are looking for an original and affordable holiday thanks to private campervan hire.

This independent and autonomous vehicule is conditioned for housing, and it will make you enjoy a completely different holiday, a unique experience suitable for the more adventurous. You will be able to go to the mountain, to the beach or to the city and fulfill your cultural, gastronomic or sportive needs all in the same trip –and almost without leaving home.

If you are not going to be using the campervan often, then it is better to rent one rather than buying one. In case you want to get one, it is better to try at least once this form of travel before making the large outlay of money necessary to acquire and maintain one. You can easily rent a campervan in specialized websites like Yescapa, a website which connects holidaymakers with local campervan and motorhome owners across Europe through its secure platform to make renting easy.  Anyway, either you decide to rent a campervan or you go all in and get your own, here are the reasons why you will love traveling in a campervan.

6 perks of campervan holidays

1. Freedom and relax

When you travel in a campervan routes and times are much more flexible, so you are not as slave to the schedules as you might get on the typical organized tours and trips. During campervan holidays you decide the time that you spend in each destination and you can change them on the go. Since you bring the house with you, it is easy to find a place to stay extempore and enjoy a certain city or village for a few more days.

Although you can park pretty much anywhere, when you travel in these vehicles, the best options are still sleeping in campsites or specific rest areas. There you will find different services such as water, electricity, chemical toilet to empty the dirty water tank, etc., and also safety is higher. It is advisable to book a spot online prior to your arrival if you intend to camp on a specific campsite

2. Nature at your fingertips

While hitting the road if you come across a beautiful location you can park your vehicle in a safe place and come out of it to explore that area. You should also pack a couple of folding chairs so that you can sit comfortably in an open area for some time to enjoy those million dollar views that you get from there.

3. Money saving

Campervan manufacturers work constantly to achieve a balance between comfort, speed and moderate fuel consumption, so spending your vacations in a motorhome is not expensive. It is much cheaper to buy your own food and cook it than to spend money every day in restaurants. To make it easier, you can go to a campsite (where you will find showers, electric lights and anything else you need), which is always cheaper than paying for a hotel. With the money you save in food and hotels you can compensate the cost increase on fuel.

4. Ideal for family vacations

Campervan road trips are a great way to travel with children. Since it is a very familiar vehicle, it allows you to spend with your family that quality time you can’t enjoy on a daily basis. Children usually enjoy campervans as well: living in a miniature house with transforming furniture, rare faucets or a tiny refrigerator excites them as much as the fact of living outside most of the trip. For them it is like having an small refuge with an immense playground.

5. Pets welcome!

Love your pets, but you are not often able to take them with you on vacation? Campervan holidays are for you! The ride is easier for them in a motorhome because it absorbs bumps way better than a regular car. Plus, in a motorhome, along with your furry friend, you can bring its dog bed or cat sand box.

6. Accesible bathroom anytime

Roadside and gas station restrooms may possibly be a tad germ-infested, but who cleans your campervan’s bathroom? You do. So you know it’s clean. Plus it is extremely convenient, since the passengers can go to the bathroom while motoring down the road, which shortens the ride.


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