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When online casinos shot up to prominence, many players who enjoyed playing at land-based casinos were sceptical about it. The reputation of the online world was full of negativity, thanks to the activities of online scammers. To date, many people still believe in some of those myths.

Five major myths are popular among people. These myths are the reasons why many people are sceptical about playing. In this article, we will bring these myths under the spotlights.

While this article exposes the misleading myths about online casinos, it is essential to take all necessary safeguards while using online casinos. They are still a large number of rogue sites online. 

1. Online Casinos Are Rigged

This myth is the one with the broadest reach. If you haven’t heard of this one, there is a 90 percent chance you will find the other four unfamiliar points. Many people believe that online casinos are a massive scam programmed to prevent you from winning big.  It is trust issues because, unlike land-based casinos, where you can watch all the action, the computer performs most of your actions.

The truth is that online casinos are not rigged. Yes, there are some rotten eggs, which you can avoid by only playing with licensed casinos. Also, online casinos use the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to determine the outcome of all moves and games. The technology is safe and fair because it is unpredictable and gives out random results each time a bet is initiated. 

2. Online Casinos Do Not Pay Winners

It is entirely laughable; there are stories of thousands of people who have won big from online casinos and got paid. Some of them are a complete novice with little or no experience, which hit a lucky jackpot run.

Yes, there are stories of players who won and did not get paid. This situation never happens at a reputable casino. Why? Because they are licensed, the player can appeal to the gambling licensing body that licensed it, and that body will initiate an investigation into the matter. If the player is right, the online casino has to pay the player and face possibly losing its license.

3. Online Casino Games Freeze If You Are Winning Too Much

Rumours are circulating that when you are winning too much, the online casino set its system to freeze and halt you in your strides. It doesn’t make sense because the more you play, the odds favour the casino. 

You cannot expect to win every game, and records show that playing more games after winning favours the casino. It is easy that way for you to lose your winnings. So why will the online casino self-sabotage itself and protect your winnings for it? It doesn’t make any sense.

Suppose you are playing an online casino game, and it freezes. In that case, it is most likely a connection issue or a compatibility problem, especially when you are using a lower version mobile device. 

4. Online Casinos Are More Addictive than Land-Based Casinos

Online casinos can indeed give players an addiction problem, just like many other games. But saying it is more addictive than land-based online casinos is a stretch. Al casinos (online or brick and mortar casinos) have enormous potential to be addictive. 

The reasoning behind this is that online casinos are readily available for play at the snap of a finger, while land-based casinos require more effort to reach. There are also thousands of online casinos you can access from your phone compared to traveling to play at an online casino. Unfortunately, there is no substantial study to prove that online casinos are more addictive than their land-based counterparts. 

5. You Can Never Win with a Bonus

All online casinos offer mouth-watering bonuses. It is common to assume that you cannot win with a bonus, thanks to many players’ horrible experience. It is false; you can win big with a bonus.

Most players do not understand that an online casino bonus comes with terms and conditions that players must meet. The most popular is the wagering requirement. It is the number of times a player is expected to play the bonus amount before he or she can withdraw any winnings.

Bonuses like first deposit bonuses are always huge and have the most challenging requirements. Other match play bonuses offer better leverage for players.


If these myths about online casinos are holding you from playing, you need not worry. Sign up and enjoy a relaxed online casino experience. 


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