One of the aspects that we must consider when making our dream house is the proper lighting. It is important to know how bright your room will be because it will affect your activity in that room, the overall family health, and also the cost that will be spent. 

The lighting is important not only in the family room, but also in your private bedroom. The good lighting will make components in your room pop out. The mattress, the linen bedding, the chair, and all of the components will be accentuated if the room has good lighting. Here’s the tips to make your room look brighter 

Big Window For Natural Lighting

It is good for the room to have a big window so the natural light will expose the room and make the room brighter in the daylight. The natural light from sun exposure is good for the bedroom because it will help to set the temperature in the room, it will be the natural warmer for the room too that is useful for windy or cold seasons. The sun also will make the room healthier because it helps to eradicate the bacteria in the room, hence the odor in the room will disappear and make the air always fresh. You can also self-adjust the light with a curtain, so you can set the light based on your need. If it is too bright, you can close the window using the curtain. It is important too when choosing the right material for the curtain. Linen is one of the materials that is suitable for the function of a curtain because it is not too thick but also not too thin, so it can prevent the exposure of excessive sunlight. The linen curtain also has good materials that are durable even when we regularly wash it by hand or by machine.

Using Mirror

Maybe if you are the old generation, you may be familiar with the mirror advice. Mirrors can help your room look brighter, hence it is  recommended to put the mirror near the light sources. It can help  to expand visual space, hence it will brighten a dark room. To maximize the effect of  mirrors to its fullest potential, make sure to place mirrors near a light source. For example, a tall mirror or floor mirror near a window can reflect natural lighting from the sun light exposure. You can also placie table lamps or a floor lamp next to a mirror that will have a similar effect especially in light.

Other Source For Lighting

You can add other light sources for the back up if the natural light is not available, especially at night. You can choose the LED light as a source that brings the white light hence making the overall room look brighter.    If you’re looking to add an interesting touch with additional light, you can add some long fairy light strings that consist of the little lamp that will make your room pleasant to be seen, you can add scented candles too, so beside adding the brightness, it also will make your room become fragrant. 

Light Or Transparent Item

Choose the sofas, chairs and tables based on your  personal preference style and make sure if it will go well together or not. Don’t forget to consider the overall unity of the room. You can add the component as much as you want but remember to consider the room, is it big or small because if the stuff is abundant, it will make the rooms feel darker because of the many components in it. It is important to consider the color of each item, and to choose the transparent one to make the room feel more empty. You can add a stylish and comforting sofa in the corner of the room, choose the one with  lighter color like white, beige, or cream that will help to make your room feel a lot bigger than before and look more spacious. You must avoid the darker color such as walnut wood for tables, or black color for bed frames or TV stands. You may consider using something transparent to make the room feel spacious.

White Wall And Colored Carpet

White wall is one of the best solutions to brighten your dark and gloomy room. White wall will not absorb the light, it will make the light bounce around the room and then reflect back onto other surfaces. Hence it will  make the space look so much bigger than it is.  Don’t worry about choosing white as the base color of your wall, you can add some ornamental or pattern on the ceilings and also you can add the textured materials, hence the wall will not be plain.  You must avoid the bare floors too in order to make the room more spacious. Consider a lightly colored carpet that will add some softness and texture to your floors. You can choose the bright or ivory one instead of black or dark colored carpet, you also can combine it with some warmer hue combinations. 


The overall look of the room depends on the lighting of your room. The brighter room will make us stay healthy and productive to spend our days. In order to get that, you must set your room with a big window with exposed sunlight, a mirror to reflect the light, additional light sources, or if you already do that but it is not working yet, you can try to use the lighter color item for your room appliances.



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