Renovating is troublesome; we get it. It involves quite a bit of money, loads of hard work and the burdensome responsibility of hiring professional help that will suit your needs the best. It can be too daunting for many, which is often the reason why people avoid renovations until it’s too late. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Keep reading to know more about five renovation mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them altogether when renovating your own home. 

1. Not consulting a professional

If you’re planning on going full DIY on this home renovation, let us stop you there. While it may look too easy at first glance, DIY projects, especially large scale ones, aren’t easy at all. Consider hiring a professional to do these things for you. 

Hire a professional builder for working on bigger projects around the house such as setting up the tech, fixing the pipelines, redoing the beds, or perhaps the setting outside your home, such as the patio. 

Make sure to hire an architect to design the entire remodel of your home who is a part of the company issuing a contractor to you. If you hire them separately, your home’s design will go back and forth between the contractor doing the work and the architect planning the entire thing. To avoid this mess, consult a single company with both these professionals. 

2. Throwing out EVERYTHING

Don’t throw everything out when renovating. Often people throw or give away their belongings and later don’t have enough to put around the house after they are done renovating the entire space. 

You could keep some furniture, hardware and some old decor and reuse them as it is if they are in pristine condition. Instead of changing a lot of major things around the house, make smaller ones that are sure to bring a lot of change to the new living space. For instance, add new cushions for conservatory furniture to elevate the seating area, new light fixtures for the dining area, new sheets for the bed, etc.  

3. Having too much on your plate

Renovating can be very difficult and stressful, not to mention costly. You don’t have to renovate your entire house in one go. Don’t take too much on your plate at once and set out to tackle many projects around your house at once. Instead, tackle your renovation plan in segments, one room or area at a time. This will help you access the renovation and keep the expenditure under your budget too. Take time and soak in the renovated space and figure out what you need to do next.

4. Going for the lowest bid

That professional help with the lowest price does sound tempting; however, there is a reason for that price estimate for their service. You might choose that lowest bidder and sign the contract thinking you’ve saved a couple hundred or, perhaps, a thousand dollars, but you may be missing out on certain important parts of the service required during home renovations. There is also a chance that they might be hiding some overhead cost from you to avoid getting rejected right off the bat. Another key reason for their lower price might be that they are unskilled at the work.

5. Overlooking the legal paperwork

Multiple important things need to be handled during the renovation, but the paperwork is crucial. 

Learn beforehand about the rules and regulations of the locality. If you need permission to renovate your house or do some construction, you would need to talk to the authority. Make sure to notify your neighbours too.

Another important aspect of legal paperwork is the warranty. Get a warranty for the renovation you’re getting done by the contractor before you get started with the work.   

Renovations are tricky for everyone, even if one has had experience in getting it done. Talk to people, get referrals, plan ahead, hire professional help, and enjoy the process – you will soon have your dream home!



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