Manchester is the thriving economic heart of the north and with that comes a unique entrepreneurial flare amongst the city’s inhabitants. With the huge level of opportunity for both new and established businesses within the reaches of Greater Manchester, there are endless avenues to explore for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves as a credible and viable business. In addition to the wide range of business opportunities in the city there is also a large number of services designed to help businesses thrive from financial support to office space, and more. Self Storage may go under the radar as a business to customer service provider for domestic storage but self storage companies across Manchester have been working business to business for years to help Manchester’s businesses grow and develop with a solid infrastructure. 

The self storage industry in Manchester is another industry that has benefited from the huge levels of growth in Manchester over the last 10 years. This has allowed for multiple self storage facilities to spring up across the city with businesses like Cheap Storage Manchester establishing themselves as one of the front runners as a provider of storage for businesses. Self Storage doesn’t need to be for domestic storage only, there are huge benefits to using a self storage facility for your business. In this article takes a look at the top 5 business uses for a self storage centre. 

Receipt & Dispatch Services 

A receipt and dispatch service is something that is often associated with larger logistical operations. You may be surprised then to find that a lot of self storage facilities in Manchester provide this service free of charge to their business customers. This comes in particularly handy for businesses that operate an e-commerce type business model or ship and move a lot of physical inventory. 

With some self storage facilities, you can arrange for your incoming goods to be dropped off at the main desk and signed for by the storage staff on site. On the flip side of this any outgoing deliveries you may have you can leave them at the sites main reception who can then safely and securely hand them over to your courier service. 

This can be a great way of transforming your storage unit into a mini distribution centre for your company. This allows you to store your inventory, receive incoming deliveries, and distribute your products all from one location at the low cost of a storage unit. 

Stock & Inventory Storage Space

Many businesses that choose to use self storage in Manchester do so because of the benefits of being able to rent large spaces for a low price. A Self Storage unit can be a great low-cost alternative to renting or purchasing a larger warehouse space and gives you the flexibility to scale up or downsize your storage space as and when it is required. 

For many new retail and e-commerce businesses having somewhere to store your stock and inventory can be a challenge. You are either faced with the choice of filling up your house and personal space with excess stock or splashing out on an expensive warehouse space that your business may not be ready for yet. Self Storage facilities all across Manchester offer a low-cost alternative to this. 

An extra bonus of using a self storage facility for your inventory and stock needs is that you can take advantage of other storage services such as office space and receipt and dispatch services to help with the processing, receipt, and dispatch of any incoming or outgoing stock and inventory. 

Office Space & Studio Space 

If you are a new business or an established business that has generally avoided getting an office or studio space due to the high overheads then a self storage facility may be the solution. Some storage facilities throughout Manchester also provide cheap and affordable office space with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from your high-end traditional city-centre offices. This can be a great way to establish a physical address for your business and provide an excellent space to work alongside your team or meet with new and existing clients. 

Many storage centres such as Cheap Storage Manchester find themselves situated just outside the city centre of Manchester which is hugely beneficial from a cost angle. With traditional office space, you tend to pay for the convenience of a prominent city-centre location. Most Manchester-based storage units tend to be situated just outside the city centre which means you can benefit from city centre convenience without paying an extortionate city centre price. 

Equipment Storage

Self Storage in Manchester can be a great way to keep your business equipment safe and secure. This is particularly useful for contractors and freelancers that have a lot of expensive equipment such as tools, camera equipment, promotional materials and more. Any self-respecting storage facility will offer the utmost safety and security of items being stored. This can be great for keeping your equipment and tools out of your home whilst ensuring they are kept safe from theft or damage. 

Businesses throughout Manchester use storage centres for equipment storage and with the benefits of 24/7 access, the right storage centre can even help businesses that need to be on call throughout all hours of the day. In addition to this many charities can also benefit from storage centres and may even be able to do so at a discounted rate, this can be great for storing donations as well as campaigning and promotional materials. 

Archive & Document Storage

In an increasingly digital age, this last point may seem less relevant but many businesses still rely heavily on traditional archives and documents for tracking and monitoring important business KPIs and information. What may only take up a few gigabytes on a hard drive however can fill up countless boxes and containers with physical paperwork and archives. This can put a big strain on those businesses that run from home and even force businesses to have to upsize their office space. Storage companies can help give businesses a safe and secure location that is data protection compliant to store their documents. 

Countless businesses all across Manchester see the benefits of archive and document storage allowing them to free up space in their working environment for the important things whilst still having 24/7 access to their archived documents. 

So, Do you need Self Storage for your business?

This is just a short list of some of the potential uses of a storage unit for your business. As a Manchester-based business, you are fortunate enough to be able to benefit from the huge range of storage options across Manchester. Due to the high level of competition, there has never been a better time to invest in self storage and if you have an idea you think could benefit from self storage most of these companies will work alongside you to help make your idea a reality. 


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