During the month of January, many of us suffer from feeling the blues due to the shorter days and bitterly cold evenings.

With January still in full swing, Dr Tim Wren of Mathtech Consultants Limited wanted to come up with an equation for how everyone can combat the annual January blues.

The formula was devised to combat the ‘blues’ factor and has been generated by various pseudoscience formulas Dr Tim Wren has come across during his experience.

The first part of the equation considers how we measure enjoyable experiences whilst the second part takes into account the ‘blue’ factor and the lower the measure, the worse you feel.

The formula always gives a number greater than ‘1’ so to use it you would multiply the factor by it thus always increasing the existing result; hence improving it. The greatest argument against the existing measures is the lack of defined units used and the arbitrary manner in which they are chosen. The formula is based on ratios and therefore has no units and given that hand waving factors like importance’ are small, it generates sensible numbers.

In addition, the longer the days get as we head towards spring and the clocks begin to go forward, the higher the daylight factor becomes. This works to combat any SAD elements present in the ‘blue’ factor.

The product elements all have values greater than or equal to 1 so, if you consume no fruit at all or sit down all day, then these factors just contribute a factor of 1 and do not lower the overall effect of the formula.

Dr Tim Wren who formulated the ‘blues busting’ equation, said: “‘Having looked into ways to beat the annual January blues and make the month a little more enjoyable, we came up with a formula which is designed to work, whatever it is that makes you happy or provides you with a sense of achievement. New and exciting experiences are key to create a sense of adventure and enjoyment post-Christmas, through the short days and dark, dreary weather we see in January.

It’s important to do what makes you happy. Spend money on yourself and the things that you enjoy, whether that is spending time reaching an exercise goal, booking a holiday to look forward to, or even simply eating 5 pieces of fruit each day. These goals can all up our sense of happiness and wellbeing and contribute to beating the January blues”.


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