Finding an affordable holiday abroad can be a struggle. Flight prices might seem reasonable and tempting on Ryanair, but once you factor in the cost of taking a bag, prices can shoot up. That’s why having affordable getaway ideas in your back pocket is essential.

But if you’re looking for a sprinkle of fanciness, fear not. There are lots of tricks that’ll give your affordable getaway the feel of a luxury one!

1. Turn Camping Into Glamping 

Camping is affordable if you already have all the kit, and if you don’t, why not consider borrowing some equipment from friends and family or buying second-hand to avoid spending more than you need to?

But how to make it more glamorous?

Glamping! It’s in the name. Glamping is all about upgrading your camping experience by bringing home luxuries with you. You could:

  • Bring a generator to supply you with more power (using solar panels will provide greener energy, too).
  • Hang up fairy lights
  • Supply your tent with cushions, blankets, extra pillows
  • Sleep on a mattress, not a roll mat
  • Order takeaway food or spend an evening having a meal at a restaurant

2. Turn A City Hostel Stay Into An Airbnb Stay

Maybe you want to go away to an exciting city like Edinburgh or Dublin. Hostels can offer an excellent solution for those looking to explore without the price tag of a fancy hotel – or even a standard hotel with steep nightly costs.

However, hostels aren’t for everyone. More often than not, you have to share a dorm to get the best prices, and if you aren’t a natural backpacker, the usual coming and goings of your fellow travellers can keep you up at night.

Swapping out a hostel stay for an Airbnb stay is a great alternative. While there is debate surrounding how good Airbnb is for local community renting prices, it remains a good solution for those wanting to stay somewhere private in the local community. It’s true that if you’re travelling solo, the costs will likely be more than if you could split the cost with a group, so use your budget as a guide.

3. Upgrade To Luxury For A Night

Whether you’re staying a week or a weekend, one great way to alter your getaway from the affordable to the fancy is to indulge in whatever luxury is for you for one night only. With the rise of Aribnbs putting pressure on hotels to up their game, if you’re going to stay at a hotel for a night, make sure that they’re offering excellent service.

However, luxury to you might not be a fancy hotel but a delicious meal at a restaurant. Whatever it means to you, indulge for a night to upgrade your whole trip.

Final Thoughts

Affordable getaways are a great endeavour to embark upon, and with these three ideas, you can add a little luxury flair to ensure you don’t feel like your holiday was a budget getaway!


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