In continuation of its national pledge to help address the UK’s period poverty issue, Bodyform has now extended its support to two Manchester-based organisations.

 Earlier this year, Bodyform launched a new three-year commitment in conjunction with HRH Prince of Wales’s charity, In Kind Direct, to provide 200,000 free packs of sanitary protection to women and girls unable to access or purchase products for themselves or their families.

Now, the feminine hygiene brand is going to be supplying The Crimson Wave and The Monthly Gift with a separate donation to address the plight of those living in poverty in and around Manchester.

Both organisations will receive a product donation comprising 900 packs and a small monetary donation, which will be used to fund campaigning and purchase further product.

With Manchester being the ‘home’ of Bodyform, we wanted to continue to support the communities in which we operate whilst ensuring vital sanitary products continue to reach those most in need,” explains Traci Baxter, marketing manager for Bodyform. “We are thrilled to be supporting the fantastic work undertaken by these two organisations, who work tirelessly in our community to improve the hygiene, health and wellbeing of women all over the city.”

Both The Crimson Wave and The Monthly Gift work closely with women’s charities across Greater Manchester to campaign for, and provide, donations of essential sanitary protection. In doing so, the volunteer-led organisations ensure anyone who needs it has the necessary products to have a dignified period.

Hannah Barnes, from The Crimson Wave, said: “Period Poverty is something many are still unaware of, and if you’re not aware of something, you can’t take action to change it. That’s why myself and Trish Cartner decided not only to help combat period poverty directly, by supplying period packs to low income, homeless and vulnerable people in need, but also to use our platform to educate others on the issue.

 A period is not a luxury, it’s an unavoidable fact of life for many and the ability to have a dignified period should be seen as a fundamental human right. We aim to ensure as many people as possible have access to safe, reliable and free sanitary care so they can have a dignified period each month.”

For more information about The Crimson Wave and to donate to the cause, please visit:

 Christina, from The Monthly Gift, said: “The campaign was founded as a result of a discussion with a friend who asked “What do homeless people do on their period or women who can’t afford sanitary products?” This really struck me. I have a period ever month; how had I never considered this before?

 The hope is that if we can provide sanitary care to local charities/foodbanks, it will not only help somebody through their period but it will also free-up the charities resources and enable them to continue the other vital work they do. I am absolutely thrilled to be teaming-up with Bodyform. The campaign appreciates that people have different preferences and provides a variety of products to charities, which Bodyform are enabling through also providing a monetary donation. Thank you so much.”

For more information about The Monthly Gift and to donate to the cause, please visit: or @monthlygiftmcr on Twitter and Instagram.


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