There was a shortage of labour at Salford docks, over three hundred jobs needed filling, the Ship Canal Co announced, as a result of younger dockers enlisting in the army.

A Prestwich man, wounded at Cambrai, was visited by a reporter from the Evening News who described him limping around his kitchen. The wound in his leg was nothing though, he said, compared to the fact that he lost three cock canaries while he was away.

Private Newton was on the right wing at Mons where the fighting was less intense. He described carrying a wounded colleague on his back before being hit by a shell.

He maintained his life was saved by the strap of a knapsack he was carrying at the time for that prevented him from being sliced in two.

He was though disappointed to have lost the knapsack as it contained both his food and two razors he had been given before leaving for the front.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded on a Newton Heath boy who was killed on Oldham road after jumping on a trailer attached to a lorry before falling and being run over by its wheels.

There were rumours that the Kaiser was considering peace terms on the back of an offer of mediation from the American President Woodrow Wilson.

Germany, it was said, was willing to call the war a draw but the attitude of Britain was preventing any further rapprochement as it had declared the war as to be fought to the finish.

The following day President Wilson would abandon his peace mission.


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