Who wants to go out? That’s one of the first questions you’re likely to ask when you feel like having someone accompany you on a trip. 

Taking your car on a European road trip can turn out to be one of the best experiences of a lifetime.

You can easily stop by to enjoy the scenery, roadside meals from locals, the breathtaking feel of the cool breeze on your skin, and it gets far more exciting when you’re enjoying some country music with friends while driving to your favorite destination.

You deserve a stress-free road trip, and here is how:

1. Find out the Rules Guiding Road Use

Whether you are driving your car or hiring one, you’ll need to take the time out to find out the speed limits, traffic rules, and any other road guidelines that will help you stay out of trouble while on your trip.

Some roads in Europe demand that you keep your headlights on always while others require that your car must have a safety kit. Do some research before you hit the road.

2. Update Insurance and roadside assistance

Driving in Europe can be totally different from driving in the UK. You can’t depend on your current insurance policy to cover you while you’re abroad. Before you head off on your excursion, ensure you take out European breakdown cover to guarantee your trip runs easily and enjoy the ride.

3. Don’t Over speed

We know that you’ll like to arrive at your destination in good time to settle down early for what you came for, but that is not enough reason to dash off speedily.

Beyond the legal implications, you may have difficulty controlling the vehicle if need be. Also, you’ll miss out on the beautiful places you should have seen. Take your time, as it is part of the fun.

4. Don’t Leave Behind Your Passport

If you will need to cross the border within Europe, then you should know that would not be possible without a passport.

One final check before leaving on your trip will save you from the stress of having to return for the passport.

5. Take along a Soundtrack

Music heals the body and soul. It relaxes you completely, and it is a trusted antidote to stress.

Plan to have your favourite music playing while you cruise around Europe.

6. Know the General Emergency Number

No, we are not referring to 911, as 112 is the general emergency phone number in Europe.

For your safety and that of your loved ones, it is so important that you know the emergency number before embarking on your European road trip.

7. Have A Road Map

Whether you’ll be taking along a printed map or downloading the google map depends entirely on you.

But do not hit the road without one because you might be in for some not so pleasant surprises like when you have to navigate through an unfamiliar location.

8. Take along Some Drinks and Snacks

Have you got a cooler? Bravo! Because it’s time to store the drinks inside it.

Don’t even think of traveling all of that distance without having the time to grab a quick bite. You can find a safe place to park and enjoy your snack with a drink.

9. Where Is Your International Driver’s Licence?

How do you want to travel cross country in Europe, without one? That is next to impossible.

Check that you have it with you before driving off.

10. Know What Side of the Road to Drive On

As simple as this sounds, neglecting to find out can be disastrous. You don’t want to confuse other road users by driving in the opposite direction.

So, find out what side of the road they drive on, and do not assume.

11. Allocate More Time To Cross Borders

Depending on the country you’ll be needing to cross into, giving some time allowance can relieve you of stress that could be caused by delays, particularly during peak travel periods.

12. Download a Translation App

Since you are not yet familiar with all the languages spoken in Europe, having an offline app like google translate can be of great assistance.

Have it with you on your European road trip, and it would be a lot easier to communicate as you go.

13. Notice the Licence Plate

While in your state, you will have seen lots of state plate numbers, but a road trip allows you to see country plate numbers.

One of the ways to enjoy the ride is by noticing something as simple as this detail.

14. Take along Backup Chargers

Nothing can stress you out more than when you are in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

You might end up panicking, and you don’t have to endure this emotion. What we are saying is that you should have your gadget properly charged and take along backup chargers as well.

15. Waze It Through!

For a successful road trip, you will need Waze to help you navigate your way successfully. You could also arm yourself with a Google map as a backup.

What is it like to leave all your worries behind and journey to a completely different destination? You can only tell what that feels like if you have had a firsthand experience for yourself.

If your first European road trip was a stressful experience, with what you have just learned, we know that you can’t wait to have another chance to erase the bad memories.


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