So many of us look around our homes and think about what we could improve or update, but very few of us take action. The biggest obstacles are usually a lack of time or money, but in most cases, there are simple and cheap things we can do that make a huge impact on the look and feel of a room.

Making just one or two changes in your home can have a positive effect not only on how it looks, but also how you feel when you’re at home. In many ways, a fresh start for your home is a fresh start for you too. You may be sceptical, but we have 10 great ideas right here to convince you. 

  1. One of the most effective ways you can easily transform a room or home is to paint the walls a new colour. Get down to the DIY shop and choose a new shade. Repainting the walls doesn’t cost much at all, just a bit of elbow grease over a weekend. 
  2. Can’t afford new kitchen cupboards? Not a problem. Simply replace the handles or knobs and maybe give them a new coat of paint while you’re at it.  You may also want to consider replacing the handles on your main room doors if the mood takes you. 
  3. If you’re repainting the cupboards, why not the work surfaces too? Make sure you choose the right sort of paint, that’s high quality and long lasting.
  4. Buy and lay new laminate flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, or conservatory. It’s cheaper to buy and relatively simple to do. A new flooring can give your home an instant lift and depending on the finish you choose, can also lighten the space. 
  5. Get rid of old dingy blinds or curtains and upgrade to more attractive ones of a higher quality from Poles and Blinds. Windows are a major feature in a room, and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference they can make.
  6. If you have hardwood floors that are tired, worn, and look as though they have seen better days, try re-staining them before you replace them. You’ll save yourself hassle and expense and they could look as good as new again.
  7. Change the taps in your bathroom and kitchen. When people come to visit, one of the few things they will use in your home are the taps, so find some attractive ones and await the compliments.
  8. When light coverings turn yellow it’s definitely time to change them up. There are various shades and lamps out there so whether you’re tastes are traditional, modern or quirky, you’re sure to find a better alternative. 
  9. Clean your carpets to give freshen them up and brighten their colour. If you have old or stained carpets but can’t afford to replace them you can buy new rugs and lay them on top.  It’s easier, far cheaper and you can swap a rug out when it becomes old or damaged with very little fuss.
  10. Your front door is the first feature of your house that people see and leaves a big impression, so consider repainting it in a new colour. It will make a massive difference to the appearance of your whole house. 


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