148,000 people in England or 0..27% of people not in care homes, hospitals or other institutional settings in England would test positive for COVID-19 according to figures out this afternoon from the ONS.

The estimates based on two weeks from the 27 April to 10 May 2020, showed that individuals working in patient-facing healthcare or resident-facing social care roles, 1.33% tested positive for COVID-19 while those reporting not working in these roles, 0.22% tested positive for COVID-19.

The figures also suggest that there is currently no evidence that age affects the likelihood of being infected with COVID-19.

he estimated percentages of the sample who tested positive for Covid-19, broken down by age, were: 2-19 years old: 0.32%; 20-40 years old: 0.26%; 50 to 69 years old: 0.32%; 70 years and over: 0.23%.

The analysis is based on the results of swab tests collected from 10,705 individual participants in the coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey in England over the period.

These early results, says the ONS, are only a small part of the planned testing work.

“Alongside our partners we will be looking to analyse more results to get a fuller picture of the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country over the next 12 months”


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