The Prime Minister has announced that the  Government’s five tests for moving to the next stage of easing the lockdown have been met

From Monday, up to six people from different households will be able to meet outside including in private gardens as long as they maintain social distancing rules and do not stay overnight.

These changes mean friends and family can start to meet their loved ones, perhaps, seeing both parents or grandparents at once.” said the Prime Minister adding that for many people, this will be a “long awaited, and joyful moment”

However the new lifting of lockdown measures is “conditional” and will be monitored.

He warns viewers that “there will be further local outbreaks” and says the Government “will put on the brakes as required”.The Prime Minister says the Government will “reimpose measures” if necessary.

He also confirmed that the Government will reopen schools as “closing schools has deprived children of their education”.

From Monday there will be a reopening nurseries and other early settings. Also opening will be reception, year one, and year six in primary schools.

On June 15 secondary schools will begin to provide some “face to face contact time”.

That day will also see non essential shops begin to open however they will have to follow rigorous social distancing measures.


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