The world was introduced to cryptocurrency back in 2009 with Bitcoin, and things haven’t been the same since. With over a decade on the market now, Bitcoin still holds the top spot as the most preferred cryptocurrency out there. Naturally, there are plenty of reasons for this. Unlike many of its competitors, Bitcoin has made some pretty big changes through the years. Its openness to growth is one of the key things that makes Bitcoin such a smash-hit after all this time, and if you’re interested in the specifics, here are a few of the reasons why Bitcoin is still thriving today!

It’s Money-Making Potential

Bitcoin is, without a doubt, best known for its immense money-making potential. Most people that take an interest in Bitcoin do it because they hope it can make them rich overnight, and we can’t fault them for thinking that. While it’s not exactly a walk in the park, Bitcoin users that play their cards right do have a chance to make a lot of money in a very short period. If you know a thing or two about crypto technology and the world of trading, then you probably know that this is due to Bitcoin’s volatile nature.

While it might sound complicated, this term is used to describe something pretty simple. Bitcoin’s price varies greatly due to many factors, meaning that it can rise and fall significantly within days. By using the right strategy, expert planning, and keeping up to date with changes on the Bitcoin scene, users can use this to their advantage to buy and sell Bitcoin at the right time, effectively making huge profits!

Above the Competition

Bitcoin might have been the first cryptocurrency to hit the market, but many more have come after it. If you’re in the UK and want to invest in crypto, a great new opportunity is investing in the Yuan Pay App UK! The app will allow uses to trade a new coin that has the potential to even surpass Bitcoin! What makes the e-Yuan different than most other cryptocurrencies is the state backing it’s expected to receive from China. It’s predicted that this coin will grow exponentially quite fast, bringing investors an excellent return!

Other than a few potential threats here and there, Bitcoin is sorely lacking competition. While there are plenty of excellent cryptocurrencies out there, none of them come close to offering the same benefits that Bitcoin has in store for its users. The main issue with most of these other coins is the profit potential. While users can certainly make some solid earning by investing in them, it’s hard to compete with the volatility of Bitcoin.

Plenty of Profit Options

As we already mentioned, one thing that Bitcoin’s always open to is positive changes. Lucky for fans of the popular cryptocurrency, this change includes plenty of new opportunities to profit from it. Other than the classic options like Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin trading that have been there from the start, over the years, users have been introduced to some excellent new ways to earn Bitcoin and amass small fortunes.

One of the most beloved new options that most users can get behind is Bitcoin freelancing. By completing various tasks on Bitcoin freelancing websites, users can get paid a hefty sum of Bitcoin! Of course, the pay varies depending on the kind of work you do, so you might want to take some online courses to boost your skills! Another fun option is playing Bitcoin games! By doing well and advancing through the levels of these arcade-inspired minigames, players can earn small sums of Bitcoin they can treat themselves with!


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