Party culture always tops the trend and everyone wants to stay at the peak by throwing the best one ever, no matter if it is a formal corporate event or a quirky fun party. Various factors play a part when it comes to arranging a party that’s worth it. For example; would you like to serve your friends and fellows by yourself or prefer to hire a bartender in this regard? If you want to keep stuff on a lighter note and choose to take the services of a bartender, what about his expertise and skills? Does he know exactly when, what, and how to serve to make the guests feel at home? 

| This write-up addresses your most fundamental concerns when it comes to organizing a bombastic party at your place and serving the best shots to please the participants. 

Are you concerned about the drinks to be served at the party? Don’t miss worms, many people like them a lot. Do you plan to bring tequila and mezcal to your place? How to know which type of tequila will have a worm inside? The simplest yet best solution for this purpose is to hire a bartender. 

What is a tequila worm?

Reference to be cited from the book of Anthony Dias, a tequila worm is a gusano larva, basically a moth, that belongs to the agave plant and is precisely called a maguey worm. Mezcal bottles bearing these worms are called con gusano.

Historical studies reveal that the idea of incorporation of worms in liquor is as old as the 1950s. The incident occurred when an individual manufacturer noticed the contamination of his stock of drinks by this worm. He witnessed that this happening significantly enriched the liquor in its taste. He immediately adopted this idea as a marketing strategy to boost his product’s sales. From then till now, this technique is frequently utilized to enhance the flavor of tequila shots.

Is the worm edible?

Well, the answer might be astonishing for many of you. Most people prefer to have a shot of tequila with a tequila worm inside just to improve the taste.

While some fans of tequila love to chew or swallow the larva after drinking the whole shot. They might do it as a challenge or to satisfy their craving, but it happens. However, it is true that the larva that is drowned beneath the layers of the drink in your wine glass is not alive and it has no hallucinogenic effects.

Types of Tequila with a worm inside 

The room for curiosity is still there regarding what type of tequila would possess a worm inside. 

Not all mezcal bottles contain these moths. Monte Azban Mezcal is the top-ranked brand that markets Mezcal in the United States. The liquor bottles supplied by this company contain worms. There is no direct association between Tequila and worms. However, the top-notch liquor – Mezcal bears the same larvae inside.

The reality is, tequila is a sort of Mezcal. Mezcal, commonly known as the senior brother of tequila, is not tequila. It has got a distinguished identity – the greater one. Normally, tequila with a worm inside is not readily available in the market. However, some lower-ended Mezcal bottles might contain a worm.

Benefits of hiring a bartender to serve Tequila shots

If you are looking forward to entertaining your chief guests or friends at the party using high-end shots of tequila possessing a worm inside, you should hire a bartender. He would be able to create the perfect shot by utilizing balanced proportions of larvae and liquor. He is expected to possess the professional skills to manage this task. In this way, you won’t have to deal with the party mess. You can, therefore, attend to your guests better, discuss ideas, or simply have fun with them without having to worry about work.

A bartender is well-versed with his job and he would make personalized drinks to suit the needs of each guest at the party. Some people might like to take drinks without a worm. Overall, this task demands great skill and efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a bartender that performs all the duties effectively. 


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