Talented duo, Dom Carter and Chris Townsend, have taken the plunge and set up their own specialist social media and creative agency – What Marketing.

Following a year of phenomenal success at Invasion, a specialist travel company that offers once in a lifetime holiday experiences targeted at people aged 25 years and under, the team has expanded and taken the brave decision to go it alone and launch their own agency.

What Marketing, based in Salford, offers influencer marketing, social media campaigns and videography/animations specifically targeting under 25’s. The team delivers considered management and strategy to generate effective brand awareness as well as managing a company’s online presence within social realms.

What Marketing, based in Salford offers in-house creative media solutions such as videography, animation and illustration and matching these with key social media campaigns targeted to specific audiences. The team also deliver social media content strategy management and influencer marketing campaigns to generate effective brand awareness and build a company’s online presence within social realms.

Dom Carter, director of What Marketing said: “From past experiences, we’ve seen clients pay thousands of pounds for awesome content to be created and showcase their brand, but the service to actively put that content in-front of the client’s audience through social channels has never been part of the package. There’s no value in a company paying for content if they are just going to add to their Facebook to be seen by 500 people. Our model allows brand’s content to be seen in the ten’s of thousands by the right audience”

“What we do differently is create bespoke, authentic media – ranging from videography, drone-footage, illustration and animation and match it with a social campaign to directly deliver that content to the audience businesses want to see it.”

The team of 5 has already hit the ground running with client wins from across the North West UK, Australia and Europe and is looking to increase its business with brands in the fashion, film and travel sectors and beyond.


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