Signing up to an online casino is exhilarating and comes with much excitement for most players. Will I hit the jackpot like the stories on the internet? Will I become a world-famous poker player? These are some hilarious that come to mind. It is normal to expect to win big, but it doesn’t happen for many people. Becoming a constant winner playing gambling games is harder than expected. But you can make your learning journey less disappointing and more profitable by avoiding these mistakes. 

Skipping the Learning Process 

One common mistake is plunging directly into the game without taking the time to learn how to play. Each game has its rules, and there are game variations which have slightly different rules of the same game.  

You can learn by using a demo account and free games. If you want to play slots, for example, there are many free slot games which you can use to understand things like paylines and rows. You can also learn with free social games on Facebook. There is no shortage of free games to learn. A simple “Free slot games” search on Google will bring up hundreds of games. 

There are hundreds of games to choose from, but it is more prudent to start with games in which you have better chances of winning. The casino has a lower edge in these games, meaning you will win most of the time.  

If a slot game has a return to Player (RTP) of 99%, you can expect to win  99% of your stake when you play several games. Stick to learning games with high RTP to avoid disappointment. Luckily, information on high RTP games is readily available online.

Making Huge Bets

High stakes can make big wins, but more often they result in huge losses. It is important to understand different wagers in a game and portion your bets accordingly. In a craps game, for example, a Big 6 or 8 bet carries a house edge of 9.09%. But a bet on the Don’t pass line carries a  1.36% house edge. You should have a bigger wager on the don’t pass line bet.  

It is important to tone down your expectations. You will avoid the temptation to make big wagers which can wipe out your bankroll in a single game. Come with a mindset that you are playing for fun and any wins that happen are a bonus.

There are no quick riches gambling online. Big jackpot wins are exceptions rather than the norm. Do not be tempted to sink big money into online gambling.

Overspending Time and Money in Online Casinos 

There are almost endless playing opportunities in online casinos. It is possible to get lost in the games and spend an unhealthy time playing. It is also harmful for your pocket because the more you play, the higher your chances to lose become.  

It is important to set aside time for online casino games, and also time for other entertainment options. Balancing the time you spend playing in online casinos is important to avoid problem gambling. 

Failing to Keep Track of Wagers 

Remember the saying you should not gamble your lunch money. It is easy to lose track of the money you are spending in online casinos if you don’t keep track. You should set aside a specific amount for betting. Make a budget and track how you spend this money in different wagers. You will avoid the financial problems that come with problem gambling.

Online casino games are fun to learn and play. Avoid making these common mistakes by newbies and you will have a smoother experience. 



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