With the sun shining and lockdown slowly easing, people across the nation are getting ready for a much-needed break. Whilst international travel is limited, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the summer. There’s plenty at our doorstop for us to enjoy without the big price tag that accompanies a holiday.

Booking a hotel, hiring a motorhome, or simply going away for the day is a lot more easier when these locations aren’t too far away. We’ve decided to find the top locations in the UK that feature everything we love about holiday destinations – sunshine, beaches, and beautiful views. We’ve picked five of our favourite destinations below.

Bamburgh Castle Beach 

Bamburgh Cast Beach in Northumberland boasts stunning coasts and a wealth of history. It’s located 20 miles south of the Scottish boarder and is a popular spot for thrill seekers who love surfing, and history lovers who want to hear tales about Viking invasions and Scottish rebellions. 

Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno is a west Cornwall beach and features views of soft white sand and turquoise sea. This is the place to be if you want that holiday feel right at your doorstep. There’s plenty of space to host beach games and take in the sun and relax with restaurants and hotels close by.

There’s also a campsite nearby for those travelling via motorhome for the full camping experience. Just remember to pack all your essentials, documentation, and motorhome insurance papers before travelling.

Hunmanby Gap

Hunmanby is a large village in North Yorkshire and houses a beautiful beach filled with golden sand and clear water for all to enjoy. Whilst the North isn’t known for the weather and sandy beaches, the high cliffs are a sight to behold and features stunning views to enjoy on your break.


Appledore in Devon is the perfect family vacation location with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. With views of dunes and the open sea, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to look at, bars and restaurants for dining and rock pooling for children. 

South Bay Beach

South Bay Beach in Scarborough is one of the most popular beaches to visit thanks to its soft sands, arcades, and donkey rides. Head to the harbour where the fishermen bring in their fresh catches for the day, making it the perfect place to enjoy a seafood platter.

Whether you’re staying for a day, a weekend, or a whole week, make it a getaway to remember. You’re not limited by travel either, hire out a motorhome and take the family away for an adventure, they definitely deserve it after the year we’ve had. 


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