The Chancellor has announced the return of duty-free shopping with EU countries if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Passengers travelling to EU countries will be able to buy beer, spirits, wine and tobacco without duty being applied in the UK, thanks to the lifting of EU rules.

The decision on duty-free shopping in UK ports, airports and international train stations will mean

UK excise duty will no longer be due on alcohol and cigarettes bought when leaving the UK. A bottle of wine purchased in Heathrow duty free on the way to the EU could be up to £2.23 cheaper

At the point of leaving the EU, people can continue to purchase and bring home unlimited alcohol and cigarettes in Europe if they pay duty on it there – as is the case currently

People will now also have the alternative option to buy limited amounts of duty-free alcohol and cigarettes at duty free shops in Europe instead.

For example, a holidaymaker could save more than £12 on two crates of beer. The travel industry has been calling on the government to re-introduce duty-free, which stopped when the EU Single Market was introduced.

Duty-free shopping is already permitted for travellers going to non-EU countries.

A consultation will also be launched shortly on our long term duty-free policy.


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