The funeral of Yousef Makki, who was stabbed to death in Hale Barns a week and a half ago is taking place today.

On the day of his funeral, Yousef’s family has paid tribute to him. They said: “We can’t express how devastatingly painful the loss of a brother, son, cousin and ultimately a best friend has been. Our hearts will bleed eternally for the loss of our beautiful, clever and talented brother Yousef. 

“Yousef was an inspiration to all. His determination, wit and dedication to his family and studies were the foundations of his outstanding personality and he showed an extremely promising future that was tragically cut short. 

“Yousef’s early departure has torn a huge, empty hole inside of everyone’s hearts. For his friends, family and even neighbours, a world without him is a world turned upside down.

“Yousef didn’t care about circumstances or which area he came from; instead, Yousef strived to do the best he could and use any opportunities given to him to the fullest.

“Words alone cannot convey the trauma and emptiness this has left particularly for our family. Although not in physical presence there are many, many lasting memories that we all have of Yousef that will last a lifetime even though unfortunately he couldn’t.  

“All we can ask for now as a family is that press and other social presences leave us in peace so that we can grieve and try and deal with this horrific event the best way possible.”


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