Travelling is quite simply the best way to broaden your life experiences, knowledge, and happiness all at once. Whether you are a shoestring backpacker on a gap year, in need of an all-inclusive family trip, or retired and looking for something to fill your time, there is huge potential for your travel desires.

A break from everyday life

Travel has traditionally been an excuse to escape everyday life, even if just for a week. But it can provide so much more than merely a few days away from the office.

Learning about a new culture, or at the very least, getting to know a different city or area for a few days is an excellent way to clear the mind. Just wandering around, taking in the sites, diving into different cuisine options, and taking things at your own pace is a delight. You might even get to tick some items off your bucket list while you’re at it.

While some people may balk at the idea of planning a trip and the stresses of travel, it is undoubtedly worth it in the end. A good way to reduce pressure on yourself is to only plan a few things you want to do that require planning or tickets. Leaving lots of spare time in the itinerary means if you fancy a last-minute museum or just a beach day, you can decide on the day instead. That way, you have adventures to look forward to, without worrying that you’re not having enough relaxation time, or vice versa.

If you are unsure about travelling solo, rest assured you will meet people wherever you are. It’s not just a possibility, it’s a guarantee. It might be at the local coffee shop, while on an organised tour, or chatting with someone staying at your hotel or hostel. Just know that you can always find someone to have a laugh with or perhaps remain friends with forever more.

Destination Potential

Another joy with travel is that whether it’s domestic or overseas, there are unending possibilities. However, if you need some inspiration for your next trip and if you are a sports fan, you can find options here to take a look at.

For domestic travel, why not head over into Scotland, Wales or over to Ireland if you don’t want to travel too far? Those looking for a city break or an active-based holiday will not be disappointed. Golf, hikes, coastal walking trails, mountain biking, beaches and water-based activities are all possible in any of these locations. So you can boost your fitness and those endorphins too on your travel adventure. If that’s not enough, you can add in cities, some castles, and historical monuments for good measure. These are perfect for family travel or any intrigued traveller wanting to learn about the history of the area. Knowledge is power after all.

For a new traveller, Europe is also incredibly easy to get to, and offers a diverse travel experience. Go skiing in the Alps or cruise around the Mediterranean, re-enact gladiator sequences in the Coliseum or scoff chocolates in Bruges. Europe always delivers. There are still areas less travelled, so if you want to stay off the beaten path, you can do so. The Baltic States offer stunning old cities, cheap travel and an abundance of beauty. Often people from North America and Australasia say they would love to have Europe on their doorstep. It’s very hard to disagree with them.

Just go for it

Travel puts things into perspective. It gives you the breadth to think, and the situations within which allow you to learn to adapt. Life skills are gained from travel, and new friends made. There are just under 200 countries in the world, with each one offering something different. It’s impossible not to want to explore at least one other place other than your homeland. You have one life, so you might as well live it out in the wider world.


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