People and companies are always anxious for their businesses and economy to prosper – one of several reasons why so many of them keep up to date with developments on trading platforms.

The FxExplained site is home to renowned analysts in the market, who assess all the latest developments on these platforms, as well as how to react to them so that everything goes to plan.


For example, as it stands all signs point to a trend among the major forms of commerce to opt for cryptocurrencies. This development has led to several new questions: How does the cryptocurrency market work? When is the best time to purchase cryptocurrencies? What are the best ways to buy and sell on this new platform? How can users exchange cryptocurrencies for cash? By answering these questions and others, we aim to clear up any doubt.

Commercial applications

Another very important topic, which is worth fully understanding, is commercial applications. Experts in this field have analyzed the many different trading platforms which use this methodology in order to identify the best options on the market.

As different companies develop their own respective applications and platforms, merchants are able to pick and choose from a number of options, making their work much more convenient.

Merchants will be able to use these applications to achieve their individual goals, with a wide variety of functions that display their accounts in real time, as well as reliable data visualizations, amount of assets used and more.

First steps

Those just starting out in the field invariably seek to join these new platforms too. The experts at FxExplained can offer invaluable advice on the best options for beginners looking to make transactions in the easiest, most practical and efficient way possible, and obtain optimal results.

Beginners will have access to a wide choice of platforms, on which they can carry out their operations with the utmost confidence.

The most used platforms

The eToro platform, considered to be one of the best-developed of all the available trading platforms, is also the most used option for a number of operations, from traditional businesses to cryptocurrencies.

Other platforms like Prime XBT, CoinMama, BlackBull, NSBroken, ETX and FBS are among the most used in the cryptocurrency sphere.

eToro stands out in the daily trading platform marketplace too, followed by AvaTrade, BlackBull, Plus500, XTBX, ETX, FBS and StormGain in the ranking of most-used applications.

Getting to know eToro

The eToro brand stands out in a number of different fields, due in part to its ease of use and reliability.

eToro is the most complete platform for trading on the market, with a financial homepage that displays graphs and other visual representations of your ongoing activity.

What’s more, trading experts can activate eToro’s “expert mode” to access additional functionalities.

eToro requests that its users make their traditional transactions in dollars, with the express aim of unifying the currency and achieving greater transparency on a global level.

eToro also offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, with more than 15 cryptoactives including Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin among others, making it the largest cryptocurrency platform on the market.


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