Tracking objects and people became possible thanks to GPS. It enables to follow any item wherever it is located. This system was first used by big governmental organisations and huge logistics companies. Though, the tracking system appeared to be equally relevant for small and medium businesses.

Uboro is a company that modernized the way tracking works. Learning its will help you understand how this modern software functions. The tracking is possible thanks to GPS signal, sent by a tracker that is installed on the monitored object.

Uboro software gathers information about monitored objects and presents it in the form of various reports. These are analytical reports that allow to take managerial decisions.

Ways to Use Tracking in Business

There are some key types of items you can track:

  • Employees. They are the most uncontrolled items in business. The bigger the company, the harder HR monitoring process goes. Uboro proposes the way to resolve this problem. For that you have to instal a software on the target’s object and monitor him or her.
  • The second big problem that business faces is to monitor its assets. It is particularly so for tangible assets. If a company delivers products on long distance, its manager will be interested on how the delivery goes. For that Uboro proposes fleet management software. The tracker can be installed on the fuel bank of a car. It will send the signal to the manager’s computer with all relevant information. It will include data on how  car moves, how many stops it does during the road.

Fleet management tracking will help you to know:

  • If the product is delivered within the defined timeframes. In the world of today deadlines are important.
  • If the driver does his work appropriately. The report will show how many stops the driver did and for how much time.
  • What was vehicle speed along the road. Such information can be used to take appropriate measures. Speed influences fuel consumption per kilometer. Analysis will show how to make the trip less costly. That is important for any business.

Value Added Offer from Uboro

Uboro values its clients. It makes everything possible to guarantee top service at low cost.

  1. Uboro’s software really minimizes costs. You don’t only get a tracker for free but also are offered three months trial at zero cost.
  2. If you do not possess a tracker, you can use a GPS imitator. Uboro proposes it for free.
  3. It does not overcharge and offers flexible subscription proposals. You can order the services for a month even. You are not obliged to engage into long term business relations. You are free to choose the time limit.

Never forget that Uboro is your confident partner. Check its website regularly. This IT company will release soon more interesting products.


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