Although living in a big vibrant city like Manchester is exciting it does take its toll. We all need to de-stress and unwind and sometimes this is only possible if we can get away for a week or two. There are plenty of options for a good European holiday and there are plenty of good budget deals to be had. The secret is finding them.

With this in mind let’s take a deep dive and pinpoint the best travel tips to find a good European holiday on a budget.

Make a Note of Good Sites

Given the competition, you can easily be overwhelmed looking at the countless travel companies that say they offer budget holidays. As you will discover some are better than others and it is important you read the small print to ensure there are no nasty and expensive surprises waiting for you.

If you do find one make a note of it so you do not have to spend hours looking for the best deal. In the first instance, you may want to consider thinking about travel with Teletext holidays as they offer very competitive all-inclusive options to popular destinations.

If you go for an all-inclusive option ensure your holiday includes:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Food and drinks
  • And check to see if transfers are included together with other hidden costs such as insurance

Planning the Trip yourself

If you have decided to plan your trip to a budget consider the following:

  • Flights – Think about not booking direct flights to your destination but look for connecting flights. Sites such as can pull through a number of flights which you can sort on price. For a few extra hours travelling both ways, you can save a considerable amount on airfares.
  • Luggage – Always weigh and measure your luggage and stay within the specified weight limits if possible to avoid unnecessary costs. To save money further avoid paying for thrills such as priority bookings.
  • Consider self-catering – Often it is more cost effective to book a self-catering apartment rather than a hotel especially if you are a large party. The downside is you have to cook but often this can be a blessing in disguise. Further costs are saved on buying food to cook rather than eating in restaurants.
  • Transport – If you can plan your holiday carefully and if your destination facilitates it you can get around using public transport saving on hire cars and taxis. If this is not possible shop around for the best hire car price or plan your excursions so you spend as little as possible on cabs.

Holiday Villas

If you have decided to rent a villa it is a good idea to go for one near the beach rather than one that has its own pool. Villas with pools tend to add hundreds to the cost and if you’re out and about you won’t use the pool that much anyway. Being close to the beach allows you to swim in the sea as and when you want to.

This isn’t an exclusive list but it should get you started on finding the best holiday for your budget.


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