The dawning of a brand new decade brings with it all the excitement of beginning anew. That being said, there are some things that will never go out of fashion, particularly when it comes to men’s accessories. 

As the New Year begins, here is a helpful guide to the top fashion accessories for men that have stood the test of time for yet another decade.


Whether you consider the functionality of a brief case or the versatility of an over-the-shoulder messenger bag, you are sure to discover countless options when it comes to bags for men. While it’s true that more modern styles utilize various fabrics, such as nylon or canvas, there is no denying the timelessness of a leather bag.

As a fabric, leather is at the same time masculine and indulgent. It has been the preferred fabric for men’s bags for ages; nevertheless, leather bags still have their place in this new decade. A sleek and modern styled bag becomes instantly timeless when it is done in genuine leather.


No list of men’s accessories would be complete without mentioning watches. When watches first came onto the popular fashion scene, they were seen to be nothing more than silly-looking bracelets with clocks. Since that time (pun intended), however, watches have developed into a necessary staple for any man’s wardrobe.

Trends and fads in watches come and go, usually pertaining to the materials that are used for the bands and the size of the face. When it comes to true status symbols, though, there are certain brands like the timeless Breitling Avenger that will forever have its place at the top of men’s fashion.



Popular styles in men’s footwear have come and gone throughout the ages. Some might argue that we are currently in a time where shoe styles for men are more varied than ever. 

One of the options for men’s shoes that many still consider to be staples in any man’s collection today is the classic oxford. These shoes present a man with a timeless and stylish look that is also understated enough so as to not overshadow the rest of an ensemble. For an even more upscale choice, you also can’t go wrong with a classis brogue shoe either.


Similarly to bags, the world of men’s wallets has seen its fair share of trends throughout the decades. On that same note, however, it is leather that once again can make even the most modern of styles an instant classic. In true masculine fashion, much of the modernization when it comes to wallets has to do with technology. 

RFID-blocking wallets have become commonplace as more and more people are looking to protect their credit cards from hackers. The growing use of RFID’s, or radio frequency identification devices, has caused many to seek out further protection for their cards and passports. These wallets cover cards with a protective layer that stops RFID’s from breaking through and accessing personal information. 


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