It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without gadgets. These days people can do almost everything via our smartphones, tablets smartwatch, and other technologies. They are there to deliver us news, make our coffee in the morning, help us communicate, give a learning or reading platform and so on. This is especially accurate for college students who were born into a world of technological advances. Modern days students can’t imagine a life without their smartphones. Just this gadget alone is their life-supporting tool right now. Though, there is much more to the world of technologies than that. Here is our list of top best college gadgets every student needs.

Noise-canceling earphones

We’d like to start our list with the absolute ‘must-have’ for any student. Noise-canceling earphones are the best thing you can gift to yourself. Whatever environment you prefer to study in, whether these are coffee shops, libraries, parks, your dorm room or a sleepover, it all doesn’t matter. No distraction, well no sound for sure, can get to you as long as you are in these magic earphones. Also, having a gadget associated directly with studying will help you focus better and find your working mood. Also, such earphones give others a very visible ‘don’t talk to me’ vibe. So no one will ever bother you while you study.

Portable charger 

Does this gadget even need any further introduction? The importance of having a portable charger is crucial in this modern era world. Whatever gadget you carry there in your backpack, it surely needs to be charged once in a while. Just buy a portable charger and make your life free of constant charger and socket searches. 

Slow cooker

Yep, a slow cooker, or a crockpot, is an absolute must for any college student. College students rarely have time or skills for cooking. Also, it’s very hard to keep a healthy diet during your college years. Though, it is definitely very important. This is where a slow cooker can come in handy. It’s super easy to use and barely requires any time at all. 

Hard drive

In your graduation year, you’ll notice that you filled every possible memory stick, clouds and laptop’ memory with the Tom’s of assignments, projects, books, and study materials. Of course, if you struggle with keeping track of all your homework you can always get online assignment help in Australia. Still, I’d recommend buying a hard drive right to keep all your study material in order and in one place.  


Reading is popular again. Being smart is the new sexy. I guess you already know that but I surely live to repeat it. Having an electronic book is so practical. You can read any book you want at any time. You can wherever and whenever. 

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Regardless of what you are using, a tablet or a laptop, having a portable keyboard can be a rather smart choice. If you carry a tablet, a wireless keyboard will help you take notes much easier. Of you prefer a laptop, having a wireless keyboard will allow you to keep your distance from the screen. Thus, saving your eyes from extra tension.

Heated travel mug 

I’d say that among our list of the best gadgets for college this is my absolute favorite. Don’t be fooled by its simple purpose. It serves you better than any other gadget. Why? It will keep your coffee warm, so it will keep your mood high, so it will make you more productive! Nothing kills your mood faster than cold coffee in a cold library. Get yourself a heating travel mug and it will become your best college friend. 


We hope you have enjoyed our take on the top essential college gadgets. We know that college years are hard on everyone. It is the time of enormous stress, tons of homework, severe sleep deprivation and anxiety. But it is also time when you can meet new friends, find your career path and have the most fun you can have in a lifetime. We’d love you to focus on the bright side. This is why we believe that the right gadgets will be a powerful boost in your efficiency and productivity. Don’t make your life than it is. Find ways to ease your journey through the college years and don’t forget to enjoy it. Good luck! 


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