A functioning boiler is important for keeping your home comfortable and warm, especially during the cold winters in Manchester. 

However, like any appliance, boilers can break down due to faulty parts. When this happens, finding a replacement part quickly and easily becomes a top priority.

Fortunately, the internet has changed the way we shop for spare parts. This article explores the top 10 websites for purchasing spare boiler parts, specifically for Manchester residents, whether they are trade professionals or DIY enthusiasts.

Prioritising Safety and Expertise

Before delving into online marketplaces, it’s important to talk about safety. 

Gas boilers are complicated appliances, and working on them can be dangerous if not done correctly. Always consult a registered engineer for any repairs involving gas connections or internal boiler parts.

These websites are primarily used for replacing accessible boiler parts like thermostats, pressure relief valves, or pumps. If you’re unsure about the nature of the fault or your ability to diagnose the issue, seek professional advice.

Top 10 Websites for Buying Spare Boiler Parts In Manchester

1. Trade Parts Finder

Designed specifically for trade professionals like plumbers and heating engineers, Trade Parts Finder is the best place to get cost-effective and authentic spare boiler parts locally. 

Their website has live stock checking across over 3,000 stores nationwide, including major brands like City Plumbing and independent merchants.

This allows you to locate the exact part you need within seconds, compare prices across various suppliers, and identify the nearest store with it readily available. This can be a game-changer for engineers in Manchester trying to source parts quickly and efficiently for their clients.

2. City Plumbing Supplies

City Plumbing Supplies offers a wide range of boiler parts and accessories, with several branches across Manchester. 

Their online store allows you to check stock availability and order parts for in-store collection or home delivery. This can be particularly useful for local tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts who need parts quickly.

3. Plumbase

Plumbase is another great option for sourcing boiler parts in Manchester. They provide an extensive online catalogue where you can search for parts by brand or type. 

With their Manchester branches, you can opt for same-day collection or speedy delivery, ensuring you get the parts you need without delay.

4.Heating Spares 247

Heating Spares 247 specialises in providing a vast array of boiler parts for various brands. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to find the specific part you need. 

They offer next-day delivery across Manchester, ensuring minimal downtime for your boiler.

5. PlumbNation

PlumbNation is a well-known supplier of plumbing and heating products. Their website features an extensive range of boiler spares, which can be searched by brand or part number. 

They offer competitive prices and fast delivery options, making them a reliable choice for Manchester residents.

6. Boiler Parts Center

Boiler Parts Center focuses on providing spare parts for a wide range of boiler brands. Their website is easy to navigate, and they offer detailed product descriptions to help you find the exact part you need. 

With efficient delivery services across Manchester, you can get your boiler up and running quickly.

7. TradePoint

A part of the B&Q network, TradePoint offers a variety of boiler parts and accessories. 

Their click-and-collect service is convenient for Manchester residents, allowing you to order online and pick up your items at your nearest B&Q store.

Specialised Options for Specific Brands

8. Vaillant Spares Manchester

This website caters specifically to Vaillant boiler owners, offering a comprehensive selection of genuine Vaillant spare parts. Vaillant Spares Manchester understands that navigating boiler components can be daunting, so they provide helpful diagrams and part identification guides.

This simplifies the process of finding the exact replacement you need for your Vaillant boiler, ensuring a smooth repair process. Using genuine parts is crucial for maintaining boiler efficiency and upholding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Broader Online Retailers

9. Plumbworld

Plumbworld offers a vast array of plumbing and heating supplies, including boiler parts. Their website provides detailed product information and helpful resources to ensure you get the right part for your specific boiler model. They also offer quick delivery options across Manchester.

Considering the Online Retail Giant

10. eBay

While not solely focused on boiler spares, eBay can be a surprising source for certain parts. The sheer variety of products available on eBay means you might find the specific boiler part you need at a competitive price. Many sellers offer quick shipping options, making it a viable choice for urgent repairs but be careful of those selling inauthentic parts without labelling!


The internet has changed how we source spare parts for our boilers. Whether you’re a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast in Manchester, the online marketplaces listed above offer a convenient and efficient way to find the components you need.

Remember to prioritise safety when working on your boiler, and consult a Gas Safe registered engineer if you’re unsure about the nature of the fault.


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