Three men have been jailed following a series of robberies committed across the city centre.

Dean McDonagh aged 20 of Astley Way, Manchester was jailed for four years and nine months after being found guilty of four robberies and several driving offences. He has also been disqualified from driving for four years.

Jack Parkes also 20 of Gaitskell Close, Manchester was jailed for three years and nine months after being found guilty of four robberies.

Owen Parkes aged 18 of Gaitskell Close, Manchester was jailed for two years after being found guilty of three robberies.

The court heard how a total of four robberies were committed between the trio across Manchester City Centre between Monday 16 September and Saturday 21 September last year.

The group targeted lone men, threatening them with violence as they robbed them of their belongings.

On the first occasion, a 37-year-old man was walking to his car on Tariff Street when he was surrounded by the group who backed him up against a wall. Owen Parkes threatened the victim, telling him he had a knife as he searched his pockets and removed his car keys.

The trio used the lock button on the keys to locate the victim’s car before also taking his phone and making off in the car.

Three nights later at around 2am, Owen Parkes approached a 18-year-old man in Charles Street, befriending him and luring him into attending a non-existent party.

As Owen Parkes and the man walked across to Hulme Street, they were followed by McDonagh and Jack Parkes. Upon reaching Hulme Street, the group got into the stolen car from Tariff Street and drove the man to an unknown wasteland.

Upon reaching the wasteland, the trio attacked the victim, hitting and punching him as they demanded he hand over his phone and wallet.

The next evening, the group approached a 25-year-old man on Hulme Street and befriended him, luring the victim into attending a non-existent party with them.

The group got into a car, which was the car that had been stolen in the previous robbery, and drove the man to an unknown side street before threatening him and telling him they had a knife as they started to strip the victim of his belongings.

The group took the man’s neck chain, watch, tobacco, phone, keys and passport before driving to a number of shops where they used his contactless phone payment to buy a number of items including alcohol. Whilst in one of the shops, the victim managed to grab his phone back and alert the attention of staff which caused the group to make off.  

Early the next morning at around 5am, Dean McDonagh and Jack Parkes  approached a 19-year-old man on Chester Street and demanded he empty his pockets and give them his wallet. Jack Parkes took the victim’s rucksack from him and started to rummage through it, taking his phone.

The two of them took the victim to Hulme Street where they threatened him and commanded that he get inside the stolen car. Whilst inside the car, the group demanded pin numbers for the victim’s bank cards before pulling up at a cash machine and withdrawing cash from his account.

After letting the man out from the car, the group proceeded to use the victim’s bank cards to buy items at another store.

Detective Sergeant Helen Fletcher, of GMP’s Operation Valiant, said: “This trio had absolutely no regard for others as they threatened and robbed innocent members of the public for their own selfish gains.

“This shocking behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated I hope that today’s results will send a clear message to those who think that this type of behaviour is any way acceptable and remind them that the Op Valiant team are dedicated to pursuing criminals of this kind and ensuring they face the consequences of their actions.”



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