The mining industry has come a long way in recent years as it slowly begins to welcome brand new technology to increase efficiency, but as this continues to expand, there could be more changes to help the impact the effects that this industry is having on the environment. In this article, we are going to be looking at the impact the industry is having and how it is being resolved. 

Increased Carbon Emissions

One of the biggest impacts on the mining industry is the number of carbon emissions that are made every year. Though this has been drastically reduced over the years, machinery such as crushers and other heavy machinery still produce carbon emissions as they are used. If not monitored correctly this can then affect the environment in a negative way which can then lead to taxes on the carbon emissions produced. Though these restrictions have been placed in major countries such as the UK, there are still a number of countries all over the world without them leading to an increase in carbon emissions. 

Disruption Of The Ground

One of the biggest impacts on the mining industry is the disruption of the ground. This can cause damage to the environment as well as the ecosystem in the surrounding area as this can ruin the habitats of the animals that are living nearby. Though this is not the case in every mining location it can still cause disruption to the surrounding infrastructure over the long term with roads becoming damaged by mining equipment and other lorries transporting goods. This is particularly present in strip mining which involves scalping the surface of the earth to gather raw materials.

Metal Contamination in Water Sources

Though this is not the case with every site, some that are near a water source can lead to metal contamination in the water. Whether this is through dust or waste from the site, this can contaminate the water without meaning to leading to lasting damage. This can be catastrophic to the environment as this can then affect fish as well as the drinking water in the local area. Though there are restrictions in place, this has still be known to occur, therefore there are steps put in place to limit this as much as possible and reduce the overall effect on the environment. 

Air pollution

When transporting material from the ground, particles can often become airborne. Though this often goes unnoticed, it can sometimes cause the air to become polluted with harmful material such as lead. This can be harmful in large doses and therefore steps are put in place to transport it with minimal issues. This can be kept on the skin of the workers also, therefore it is important for those working there to take safety precautions in addition to there safety gear it is also requested that any incidents be reported to ensure that any unusual coughs or illnesses can be cross-referenced. 

As the industry continues to grow, so to do the changes that are being made. With technology to help reduce emissions as well as advancements to increase the speed, there are changes being made every day that will further the development of this outdated industry. 



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