Influencer marketing has become popular over the years due to its effectiveness in boosting traffic. The many online guides available nowadays have made blogger outreach seem easier. However, you shouldn’t trust every guide you come across on the internet today as some contain either false or outdated tricks. 

To get excellent results, you need actionable tips that’ll bring results and not cause penalties. In this article, are the major blogger outreach don’ts to avoid.

1. Don’t Send Copy Pasted Emails

This is probably among the most common mistakes marketers make today. If you’re researching and you come across some pitching examples, don’t copy then paste them in your outreach emails. 

Chances are that some bloggers have even seen the examples before. Although you might have edited several things, your pitch will still not look unique enough. Unfortunately, most influential bloggers will delete that kind of pitch without even reading it entirely hence leaving you waiting for a response forever.

2. Don’t Demand Reviews

If you have provided a blogger with a sample of your product or service to review, don’t demand a positive review. It makes sense that you want to promote your business, and the feedback needs to be amazing, but telling the influencer what to write is ridiculous. 

Some bloggers might even decide not to write the review altogether, hence costing you the chance to get your product in front of a great audience.

You also don’t want an influential blogger saying how the attempt to work with you was a disaster, as that will make it even harder to get backlinks from other influencers.

3. Don’t Reach Out for Opportunities Only

You feel used when people only call you when they need something, right? Remember that when doing blogger outreach too. You shouldn’t contact influencer bloggers just when you want to publish a guest post on their websites. Doing that makes them feel used and disposable.

If you have connected with the blogger on LinkedIn or Instagram, the first message you send shouldn’t be about the guest post. Take time to understand their brand and also engage with them on their posts before reaching out officially.

4. Don’t Target Inappropriate Influencers

Influencers are a huge resource in blogger outreach, but not all of them are suitable for your brand. If you’re into finance, pitching a food blogger will be a waste of time.

Although some bloggers might accept any guest post on their websites, they will not help you reach the right audience.

You must also avoid pitching to dormant sites. If a website contains excellent articles that were written two years ago, that does not make them suitable for your blogger outreach campaign. That site probably no longer receives much traffic. Therefore, getting your guest post published here won’t provide the results you need and will be a waste of cash since you’ll most likely pay for it.

Understanding what to do in your blogger outreach campaign is crucial as it allows you to avoid unfruitful tactics. Above are great examples of the blogger outreach don’ts you must avoid if you don’t want all your efforts to go to waste. Therefore, ensure you avoid all of them and research for more to help increase your website’s traffic effectively and faster.


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