Four District Special Constables, led by Special Sergeant Simpson and Special Inspector Saville, have been providing invaluable support to the Oldham District Neighbourhood Policing Team, focusing their efforts on the Failsworth and Limeside areas, to address some community concerns around burglaries, robberies and violent crimes in those areas.

They have provided vital reassurance to those communities, by patrolling the areas both day and night in vehicles and on bicycles, and engaging with the people that live there. As a result, they have also successfully assisted in reducing anti-social behaviour, through engaging specifically with young people, and identifying diversionary opportunities for them.

Since January 2021, the Special Constables operating in Failsworth have made six arrests in total for drugs offences, vehicle offences and a failure to appear in court.

They have seized and recovered nine vehicles and searched a further three, conducted four stop and searches, and recovered a knife from a children’s play area.

Additionally, they conduct weapons sweeps at ‘hot-spot’ locations, assist with investigative inquiries, help search for missing people, and visit those who have unfortunately been victims of crime, to offer them reassurance.

Inspector Chris Julien from GMP’s Oldham District said: “Since I joined Oldham District’s Neighbourhood Policing Team at the start of the year, our Special Constabulary colleagues have given up their spare time every week to support with the policing of Greater Manchester, and in particular, the Failsworth area.

“They have provided invaluable support to our Neighbourhood Policing Team, as the Special Constabulary members offer a visible reassurance to our communities. They’ve had some great results over the past few months, and have used a variety of policing tactics, patrolling day and night to make a real difference, and keep the community safe from harm and wrong-doing. Their hard work and dedication as volunteers has not gone unnoticed.

“Not only this, but in addition to their support in Failsworth, the Special Constabulary Team support policing across the district each week, and have recently attended a number of incidents such as protests, road traffic accidents, and supported other voluntary groups such as mountain rescue.

“Each year, Greater Manchester Police recruit 120 Special Constables. They help prevent crime and interact with the diverse communities we serve. Special Constables help support local Police initiatives, assist regular Police Officers and help increase Police visibility and public reassurance.


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