Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust (GMMH) are lighting up their headquarters, The Curve, in blue to mark the NHS’s 73rd birthday after a year like no other.

It has been an extremely challenging year for the NHS and the country as a whole, but also a year of hope.

The NHS’s birthday is a chance to reflect on the past year and celebrate the achievements and resilience of our NHS and local communities.

The Curve will join local landmarks and iconic buildings across England – particularly those who have been enlisted as vaccination sites – to be lit up blue on Saturday 03 July.

This simple gesture will celebrate the success of the NHS Vaccination programme, and to say a big thank you to all staff, volunteers, partners and local communities for working so hard to deliver the extraordinary rollout. It will also act as a mark of respect to remember those who have lost their lives to COVID.

Since January 2021, The Curve in Prestwich, Manchester, has been operating as a vaccination site, offering the vaccine to all GMMH staff. The Curve’s vaccination team have also travelled across Greater Manchester to offer the vaccine to all GMMH adult inpatients and eligible service users in the community.

Sarah McDonald, Operational Lead, COVID-19 Vaccine Centre at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust said:

“In January 2021 I was asked to lead delivery of the GMMH vaccination programme.

“The programme has been a huge success so far and I am so proud of our vaccination team who have worked incredibly hard to provide the vaccine at The Curve and on-site at our local services throughout Greater Manchester.

“Together, we have vaccinated thousands of people. We have held the hands of those with needle phobias, and helped others with concerns about the vaccine make an informed choice that is right for them.

“Lighting up The Curve in blue will be a lovely gesture to thank our vaccination team and all our staff, volunteers and other organisations in our communities who have worked day and night to make the vaccine rollout such a success.”


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