The vacation season is the most important and most anticipated time of the year. Lately, in the wake of the pandemic, society has rethought about the meaning of family and togetherness and this time the visions of vacations are a little different than they were a few years ago. Many families have decided to start spending these days off together with fascinating ideas regarding lodging and travel. You can enter this page for more insights but the first thing you should do to know which vans you should rent is a list of places you are going to visit. It is not the same to go through a mountainous place as it is to go through a muddy trail and there are vans prepared for both experiences.

Traveling as a family is not the same as doing it alone and that is why many people decide to rent a van and enjoy the trip with the necessary space to travel comfortably. However, at the time of renting a van you should know the characteristics of each vehicle and if they will be useful for the type of trip you want to do.

Best vans to rent

If you are thinking of renting a Ford Transit Custom you may look more insights and should keep in mind that its design combines engineering and advanced technology, which allows for extraordinary reliability and functionality. If you go out of the country or use it on a daily basis, this van will also be useful for traveling since it has useful tools.

The Ford Transit Custom is ideal for carrying a maximum of six people, so you know, if you have a family with that number of members you can load them up and go on a trip. If you need to carry more, however, you may need the Ford Tourneo Custom. In that vehicle not only fit more people but its details will leave you with your mouth open.

The new Tourneo Custom is an elegant transport for passengers, with style, quality and reliable as all models of the Ford brand. The first thing that will catch your attention is the quality of the upholstery and how equipped the interior is. The roof is high so that no one is left without the corresponding air and there is plenty of room for passengers to travel comfortably, with their legs stretched out.

This van seats 8 to nine people, which makes it one of the best if you have a large family and want everyone to travel comfortably. In addition, this van can be rented for use by small groups such as hotel guests who are interested in taking an excursion.

How do I rent?

This step is the simplest of all, first of all know how long you want to rent it for as many places have a minimum rental period, for example 3 months.  The ideal is to make an appointment with the company to verify that the vehicle is in good condition and offers all the tools that are shown on the page or in the advertisement.

You will be given a form to fill in with your data and you will be asked for the documentation that each agency considers relevant. The ideal is that everything is transparent and that both sides collaborate to make the process free of conflicts.

Due to the scarcity of some models, it is recommended to call by phone so that the agency suggests the rental of a similar vehicle. Both in short or long term contracts, the papers must be in order and you must return the van in the same condition in which you took it.

Is it convenient to rent a van?

If you have a small car and you want to make a family trip, the ideal is to rent a van before traveling by transport and the reasons are as simple as obvious. Almost always when we make a family trip we cannot travel with the basics because being a group of more than two people there are things necessary for coexistence. 

Coats, bedding, kitchen utensils and other necessities cannot be taken off the list just to take up less room in the bus. Renting a van will not only provide the necessary comfort but will also allow you to transport from the most important to the not so urgent detail, but with the freedom to incorporate to the trip whatever you want, as long as everything fits. The rest is to enjoy.


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