Looking for a little bit of a break from your day-to-day? Manchester offers some great opportunities for a weekend staycation but if your heart is set on an overseas trip, France certainly comes as a number one destination for a weekend break. 

It’s close, it’s easy to travel to, the flights are (relatively) cheap from Manchester and you do I need to mention the wine and cheese? 

But where should you go in France? Paris seems like an obvious answer and it my well be the right one for you but there are plenty other great cities for a French holiday. Let’s see what your options are.


Paris is always a good idea and particularly so for a quick getaway. From admiring the works of masters at the Louvre to surveying the views from the top of Eiffel Tower, you can find plenty to do in Paris. Not to mention all the shopping and dining. 

But Paris might well be the victim of its own success. With as many as fifty million tourists visiting the French capital each year, the city is starting to feel a little bit too crowded for some visitors. If you’re determined to go to Paris but also hate the crowds, travel in late autumn and winter which tend to be less popular with tourists than spring and summer.


If you’re a sucker for history and politics (like me), then you’ll appreciate the sceneries and offerings of the city of Strasbourg. Strasbourg houses many political buildings, such as the EU Court of Human Rights and the seat of the European Parliament. 

With a concise Old Town, Strasbourg is a walkable destination that will save you the headache of figuring out local transport. It’s also perfectly doable in a single weekend. 


Continuing our theme of cities with tons of historical significance, we have the city of Bordeaux.

If you think I’m exaggerating about the historical significance of Bordeaux, keep in mind that the city has more than 350 historical monuments! It’s truly got it all with a medieval cathedral, a grand theatre and a landmark palace of its own. 

The one downside to visiting Bordeaux for a weekend trip is the fact you won’t possibly be able to see everything in a two days—at least not without rushing. But hey, yet another reason to come back in the future!


Think Nice is a strictly summer destination? Think again. The rich and powerful of the world prefer this seaside resort in winter when you can still enjoy a lunch al fresco but you don’t have to put up with backpackers and holidaying families. 

The main attraction in Nice is the beautiful Bay of Angels where you can take a post-card worthy stroll. But sandy beach and azure waters are not all Nice has to offer. Visit one of the many museums and art galleries during the day and dance the night away in upscale clubs. 


As the autumn dread sets over Manchester, opt for a quick change of scenery and take a short flight to one of the many lovely cities of France. It’s relatively close, cheap to visit if you know where to look for flights, and the beautiful vistas offer more than a weekend’s worth of content.

And if you’re visiting France, just keep in mind that some streaming content may not be available across the canal. However, a quick France VPN purchase can fix this issue right up for your streaming pleasure.


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