When you purchase a brand-new luxury car, you want to feel like you are in control of a powerful luxury vehicle. A premium car brand won’t just have a pretty face, but it should feel smooth to drive, have a comfortable interior and contain technology that can protect the driver and help them when they are on the road. So, if you are in the market for a new car, you may be considering what are the best models for 2022 and 2023. Here are some suggestions to help you decide on what car you want.

Audi RS3

If you are looking for a vehicle that has a dynamic and agile driving style, the Audi RS3 is the perfect sports car for you. This car comes with a variety of different trims that can affect the level of your car equipment and riding style. Audi cars have always had a very distinct style and can be configured to suit your preferences. What makes this even better is the interior’s racing car style. Carbon-fibre instrument panels, carbon-black trims and leather, honey-comb stitched seats will allow you to enjoy your car ride to the full. There is a reason this vehicle is available to win through various car competitions. It’s a fantastic ride!

Rivian R1S

Eco-friendly drivers will be excited to know that there are some upcoming vehicles that are either hybrid or electric. If you are after a large electric vehicle, we highly recommend the Rivian R1S. Not only can it seat up to seven people, but with a large max battery pack available, it means it can remain powered for a very long time. Each wheel of the car has an electric motor installed. Therefore, drivers will be able to retain control over a smooth ride both on and off the road. It’s perfect for families or young people looking to take trips with their friends.

Ford Fiesta

Ford is a classic make of car that is known for being a family-friendly brand. Recently, Ford Fiesta has updated its design and has included more technology for a smoother ride. The 2022 model includes new colours, standard equipment and three versions of petrol engines, including ST-line and active trim, trend and titanium. Ford Fiestas are known as trustworthy cars and are good if you are looking for a vehicle that can make you and your family feel safe.

Skoda Fabia

Part of a fourth generation of the Skoda car brand, the Skoda Fabia is the latest model of car at a great price. It is actually a major rival to the Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris because of its affordability. Its exterior design has been completely refreshed. It is a large, smooth vehicle that is noticeably longer than its previous model. It’s even got a larger boot and a three-cylinder engine to provide further power to the vehicle. You will find it is a great car for long commutes and for those who want to drive with other people in the car.


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