The COVID-19 Pandemic has indeed disrupted our everyday lives. We can no longer shop for groceries, meet with friends, go to school and work, and see family members at ease. We are constantly filled with anxiety and fear whenever we go out. Because of that, we choose to stay at home.

This sudden shift to a remote setup proved to be a challenge at the start. During the first few months of the worldwide lockdown, everything was put on hold. Students and workers were to stay at home no matter what. Our government officials were working on ways on how to go about the pandemic situation. Safety for everyone is the utmost priority. To everyone’s amazement, technology was able to mobilize operations. 

Shift to the digital world accelerated 

We are all aware of the various IT inventions that have made our lives easier. An example of this is Facebook. It is a social media application that makes communicating with anyone around the world more accessible. Another example would be the online grocery or online assistant applications. 

On the other hand, we have not entirely relied on these IT inventions despite it continuously evolving. We prefer to do our groceries or run around on our own errands, but since the pandemic, we have no choice but to rely on these technological innovations. 

The digital industry spearheaded projects that enabled us to continue our lives while in the safety of our own homes. Everything has progressed and adapted to an online setting. Students can continue their education, employees have limited their physical interaction, and more social applications have been launched to foster reconnecting relationships. With just a few clicks on our phones, we can do whatever we need to do.

How IT is supporting businesses

It is no secret that one of the sectors most heavily affected by the pandemic is the business sector. The majority of businesses, most especially small enterprises, relied on physical interactions for their success. That is the reason why company funds usually went to store upgrades, and very little was invested in digital marketing. 

Like we previously stated, everything has progressed online. Businesses now have to adjust to the online setup. Digital and social media marketing are where the future of businesses is. It is a must that businesses have social media accounts and websites. These are the equivalent of their physical stores. This is where their customers can interact, and potential customers can browse. 

However, digital and social media marketing is not an easy task to do. Codes and websites are difficult to navigate through. Fortunately, more technology innovations have emerged to provide IT support for businesses. There are digital companies dedicated to assisting these businesses, and one of them is


Although the COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunate, technological innovations have found various ways for us to carry on with our lives as best as we can. Convenience and accessibility have also been made possible for everyone.


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