Terry Christian, Karen Danczuk or Bez? Take your pick as Ladbrokes give their odds on who will be the first elected Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Of course the general public will be given a say on our first representative, the leaders of the Combined authority would prefer to select their own man before we are allowed a punt so maybe the odds on Favorite Sir Richard Leese at 4-1, the current police commissioner Tony Lloyd at 6-1 or Sir Howard Bernstein at 10-1, one of whom may already be in the unelected job, could be the safest flutter.

Also in the running Urban Splash supreme Tom Bloxham at 12-1 or so to be former MP Hazel Blears at 16-1 might take your fancy or for a complete outsider perhaps Danny Boyle is worth a long shot.

We shall have to wait a few years to see though.


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