Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Jamaica are to be removed from travel corridors list

People arriving in England from these destinations from 4am Saturday 29 August will need to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

There has been a consistent increase in the weekly incidence (case) rate of COVID-19 in Switzerland over the past 4 weeks, with a 19% increase in weekly incidence (cases) per 100,000 between the 20 and 27 August 2020, from 18.5 on the 20 August to 22.0 on the 27 August.

Data shows that there has been a consistent increase in newly reported cases in the Czech Republic over the past 3 weeks, with a 25% increase from 1,723 between the 14 and 20 August 2020 to 2,153 between the 21 and 27 August. Data from Jamaica shows that the weekly incidence (cases) per 100,000 has increased from 4.3 on 20 August 2020 to 20.8 on 27 August. This equates to a 382% increase.

Cuba has been added to the government’s travel corridor list following a decrease in confirmed cases of coronavirus. From 4am Saturday 29 August, passengers arriving to England from Cuba will no longer need to self-isolate so long as they haven’t been in or transited through any other non-exempt countries in the 14 days preceding their arrival.


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